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I'm Up Early

Ethan, woke me at 5:00 am. His rash has flared up again and it was itching. I put some more medicine on him and wrapped some gauze around it. It's on his face and arms poor guy. I only wrapped his arms of course.

As I was heading to bed, I noticed a light flicked on down the hall. I peeked and it was coming from Joshua and Brent's room. I was a bit scared to go check out the light. (This is why I'm always encouraging others to not let your children watch the news or violent/horror movies when young. It affects people up into their adult years like me) From my days at home my mom was on a horror movie kick (this was before she realized as a Christian she shouldn't watch them) so at an early age I watched Micheal, Jason, Freddy and much more.  I new nothing or no one was really there so I walked down the hall to find Brent putting on one red and one white sock. He was already dressed. He saw me and said, he was waiting for grandpa.

(you can't really tell but he is yawning. The original size photo looks better)
You see, a few nights ago my dad said that he wakes at 5:00 am to walk to the donut shop for some coffee. He told the kids that they don't wake early enough for their morning walk with him (um, my dad does not wake at 5:00 am and doesn't take walks). Yesterday Brent tried to stay up all night so he would be ready at five and can go with my dad (grandpa). Brent is so cute he said, "I woke up early today. Yesterday I tried staying up all night but that didn't work, so I made myself wake up early."
I told him grandpa is still at work. Brent said, "I'll try to stay up and wait." I told him he can play a game of risk on the computer, so that is what he is doing now.

My dad is going to be surprised to see his grandson up and waiting. Hopefully he'll take him to the donut shop. Oh, my dad. What am I going to do with him and his tall tale adventures. He means well but somethings like telling Josh, they are going to go to Florida to find treasure are a little much.

I went back to bed but couldn't sleep. So here I am at 5:30 now writing about my early morning.


  1. I'm still drinking my coffee this morning! I'm so sorry about Ethan's rash. I've been up early with my little this morning. I think she is teething.

    Praying for your homeschool decisions.

  2. Tamara, I think I made my last two final decisions with History. We are going to go with BJ. Math is the last I have to decide concerning Annette. TT stresses her out because of the instant grading. I may just go with Saxon for this year.
    Appreciate your prayers =)

  3. I love how cute and green you look in so early in the a.m. :) Too funny!

    Sweet boys you have. I am enjoying their stories. They are awfully cute.

    Hope that rash heals up, poor baby.

  4. Awww...poor Ethan I hope he feels better soon!!

    So I just wrote this big huge comment on my experience watching horror/scary movies with my mom when I was little...but it got ate..I will have to tell you about it some other time!!

  5. Amity, I'm sorry your comment disappeared into cyber space. When you get a chance please do tell.

    Thanks Tina, I enjoy reading your adventures too =)

  6. So did Dad ever show up? I need the scoops! ;)

  7. Not to take them to the donut shop. Brent asked, "Is Grandpa coming?" I told him that he has to come because he lives here now. hee, hee but I did let him know that they probably won't be going to get donuts. You know pops!


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