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Lance School My K Student

My Lance will officially start Kindergarten at Homeschooling6!!! The babe is growing up!!!

Here is what his kinder year will look like.

For Phonics & Reading I chose McRuffy Phonics K. As much as I love the Phonics Road, I really wanted something fun for my last Kinder child. McRuffy Phonics fits the bill to a "T"! There is lots of color, it has cutting and pasting,  games are included as well, just everything fun that I was looking for. The readers are in color too.
I'm sure Lance, will have a fun time learning to read.
I also like that it looks to be a gentle way of introducing the letters. I think in the first 40 lessons they are playing around with a handful of sounds (sorry, to lazy to go check about how may sounds are introduced)

For math I wanted something colorful. This is the first year that any of my children will use a colorful math program. Well, actually we did use a year of Calvert and that was colorful, but that was so long ago and I don't think we finished it. I was a "grass is greener on the other side" homeschooler at the time and I believe I switched all the kiddos to Math-U-See.
Okay, back to Lance School. I also wanted manipulatives built into the program. Not just any manipulatives like unifix cubes and clocks, but I wanted Pattern Blocks, Pentominoes, cubes and more. Well, guess what?! I found exactly what I was looking for. Drum roll please.............McRuffy Color Math.
and look, there are fun games to play.

Lance and I are going to have a lot of fun. Even if we can't fit it in the day, we can always do 'night' school or weekend school.

For Science, I am going to combine him with Ethan. Science hopefully will get done at least twice a week. McRuffy Science K is what we are going with.

Look at all the fun stuff it came with.
For Bible, again, I wanted cutting, pasting and fun. I chose Bob Jones Bible Truths 1st Grade.
We won't start this for a few months though. It might take longer than our 9 month school year but that's okay. I'm not stressing.

Penmanship I chose to start him with Getty-Dubay. I took his book apart and filed it to match what he is learning with McRuffy Phonics.
I think that is about it for his K, year.

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