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Mom Helps

This is what I did this morning. I organized and filed our cheese (just kidding) but I did get it ready for the freezer.
I buy a 5lb bag from Costo.
I put it in a bowl because it's easier to handle.
My sis-in-law bought me some nice Hefty bags. They are so nice I didn't want to use them ;) Normally I buy the Ziploc from Costco. Quart size baggies.

Ready for the freezer!

Right now I'm watching my sis-in-laws three children. There was an emergency in Ca. The toys have been getting out of control. We have 'community' toys in the living room. Our main toys are things like legos, Lincoln logs, Playmobiles and army men.
Yesterday I had the kids help me put them in separate bins. I put them up so the children have to ask to play with it. When playing with these toys they have to play on a rug. Once done they collect all the toys and fold the rug. This is a new thing (only two days old) but so far so good. There are not tons of tiny pieces of toys all over the place, like before. Actually we don't have a lot of Lincoln Logs so those are still where they can reach.

We also have the bigger legos that are in a big bin and some odd and end toys that go in one of those bins that you can get at Staples and they have three drawers. We use that for all the smaller toys like action figures, cars and such.
We try to keep toys to a minimum. When purchasing for Christmas or birthdays I lean towards an educational fun game, playmobiles, legos or something like spy toys. Toys that the children can keep in their room and doesn't take up much space.
My Sweets and I rarely purchase toys for no reason. We only buy them for Christmas or birthdays. Once in a while (which is very rare) do we buy toys just because. We will take them to Half Price Books and let them pick out a book.
If the children want a toy they need to buy it themselves.


  1. Organizing and filing the cheese..that literally made me Laugh out Loud...hee..hee..

  2. You comment made me laugh, I forgot I wrote that. Hee, hee. I miss you blogging. Are you going to have a post up soon?

  3. My children officially think I'm a little crazy b/c I just burst out laughing at your comment...filing cheese...I love it.

    I'm so excited for you. What a blessing this will all be when you're comfortably doing school and not worrying about grabbing this or that. YOU are an inspiration.

    I LOVE the moments you have with your children. They will pay off so greatly. I have been blessed by the fruits of those moments a great deal this summer, as my oldest head into young adulthood and not only share with others what they've learned, but serve me the way I've always been blessed to serve them. The fruit of the spirit is truly tasty and divine! Even better than coffee and chocolate ;)

  4. Tina, I sure felt like I was filing the cheese =D
    Thanks for all your encouragement.


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