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My Hubby Did Good

The day that I was behind with my Bible reading and my hubby made waffles for dinner, well he's so cute! I was helping put the groceries that he purchased away when I noticed the syrup he bought. I got this big smile and looked at him while holding the little jug. I said, "Dear, you did good!"

He replied, "It's not easy finding good syrup. I searched and searched until I found that one." he replied with a cute smile.
All on his own he tries to bring home the good stuff. He'll bring me organic or close to it with yogurt. I think that's really sweet of him to care and go out of his way for me.

I took this picture for my Sweets. When he goes to the grocery store he'll know what kind of beans to get. I put one of these cans of Grillin Beans in my Taco Soup and it gave it a nice twist. Yummy!

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