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Organizing Ethan's 2nd Grade

Well, I think I figured out how I want to organize my school stuff (sorta). I still don't have the older kids school stuff, so I thought I'd start with the younger ones.

Things needed:
  • Sterlite file holder
  • pen & highlighter
  • post-it notes and tabs
  • paper clips
  • stapler
  • hanging file folders
  • file folders
  • all workbooks and teacher manual
  • time
I decided not to file everything by weeks. I'm going to file by subjects and lessons. Some workbooks will stay intact, for instance Ethan's math book will not be taken apart. His science and phonics book will.
To break down the files I have decided to have a weekly folder in the front of the container. This will hold everything needed for that week. In the back I will put the teacher manuals. Hopefully everything will be in one place.
Every Friday or Saturday I will take from the appropriate folder the next weeks assignments and move them to the front weekly folder. If I need to add cotton balls or other miscellaneous stuff, it will be added at that time.
I use lots of post-it notes to remind me of something I might need for a science lesson a few weeks down the road.

Here is the Sterlite container that I will use for Ethan and Lance. I may switch this and put both of their schooling stuff one larger Sterlite but for now this is what it's in.

Ethan 2nd grade year consist of

  • McRuffy Math

  • McRuffy Science

  • Saxon Phonics
As you can see he doesn't have a whole lot yet (thankfully)

The day before I took his Saxon Phonics workbooks apart and stapled all the papers he needed for that lesson together. If there was a reader I paper clipped it as well.
Below is a picture of the stapled lesson and the reader behind it that will be clipped to the lesson.
Below all the lessons are stapled with readers where needed and ready for me to grab and put in a weekly folder.
All the cards that go with the program are in their own container and won't be filed until the week they are needed.

Yesterday I took apart the science book and did the same thing. If there was a lesson that only needed paper then I put that in the file as well and put a post-it note and wrote lesson 17 or if extra paper (for drawing) was needed I clipped it to the lesson.

Everything needed for one lesson was paper clipped
and put into the science folder

Now with math I'm not going to take his book apart. It will stay up front in the weekly folder. I am going to make all the copies that will be needed for the year and put all the games and posters for the lessons in a file folder. Again, I'll clip things together. This way I'm not making last minute copies. All I need to do is grab the copies from the folder and put it in the weekly folder that is placed at the front of the Sterlite container.

Hopefully that all made sense. I will make another one like this for Lance. I also have a small science kit container which will be placed next to the Sterlite container and all math manipulatives are in a Serlite container like the one shown above and will be kept in the kitchen as well.

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