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Still Filing

I'm still trying to figure out my filing system. With six kids I'm ending up with more than two crates.
I am continuing with my plan to separate by subjects. Put all the McRuffy K Science in  a hanging file folder or two. They are paper clipped by lesson.

So far I have filed McRuffy Science K, Saxon Phonics 1, McRuffy Math K and 1st and Sonlight Science 5. They are all in their own hanging files and clipped by subjects. I'll continue this way and once everything is organized I'll figure out where I want to go from there.

I'm trying to figure out if I want to set up the file system by weeks or months. I prefer months better because I can always leave a few days for catch-up lessons. If I  do it weekly I see somewhere down the line things getting out of order.

My main goal is to at least have all the lessons in one area. Even if I have to file things every month in a monthly or weekly folder, I don't mind because it's all organized and I only need to grab the subjects and go.

I'll keep you all updated on my filing progress. I'm sure a lot of this is not making much sense to you all who are reading. Once I get it all together I'll explain with pictures. It's funny because I know what I want to do and I'm working towards it but at the same time I don't know what I'm doing. All I know is my kitchen table looks like this.

It's hard because once I get started it's lunch time and I have to clean up. When lunch is over I start again. As you can see the children snacking around my mess.

Today I finished filing McRuffy Math K. I had everything in a binder but now that binder is empty and all the lessons are in a crate. Hee, hee. Mc Ruffy Math K comes with small cards and I put them in this index box.

I didn't file all the cards with the lesson. I decided to keep them in this box and when I write my weekly lessons in my planner, then I'll add any cards to the folder. Just seems easier and they won't get lost.
I'm still waiting for my Rainbow Resource order. I called today and they looked up my order. For some reason the post office had it as undeliverable and are sending it back to Rainbow Resource. Oh, I was so mad. I wasn't upset at the RR rep but inside I am like, doesn't the post office know I'm filing. This homeschooling mama is in organization mode. Rainbow Resource said they will wait until they receive my order and try sending it out again. Arrrg!

Oh, well, what can I do but wait. No use getting upset over something that can't be helped.

On a more fun note; Joshua's and Annette's history came. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet (with 9 kids running around) but I am brewing a cup of coffee and clearing a space on the table, so I can see how I'm going to file them. Actually I'm not sure if I want to file it because I'm a bit tired and I'm going on my 3rd filing crate.


  1. Oh Linda, I'm sorry about the RR. Hopefully they'll get it out to you asap. At least you are making progress. I had my bedroom in shambles today trying to figure out what I was going to do and where on earth I was going to put everything as I live in a tiny two floor townhouse with very little storage space. I've had to get major creative.

    At least by 4:00 I had my room looking decent again, but I sure envy, I mean admire ;) those moms with a whole extra room to use as a school room.

    Good Luck to you! You can do it. Please pray that I can too!


  2. Yes, Dee I'll pray for both of us. I sure miss my school room. It was nice well it lasted =)

  3. I'm so sorry about your Rainbow Resource order. Have you tried your post office, to see if they can re-direct it? It might be faster.


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