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Summer School Done

I'm done with Summer School. I have a month left before school starts. I can't keep up with all that I have on my plate right now.
Waiting for Rainbow Resource to send my school stuff. I really don't like ordering from them because they take forever. Especially during this busy time when everyone and their brother are ordering curriculum but they will ship for free and I had a few things that Christian Books didn't have that was on my list. So to save some $$$ I ordered from Rainbow Resource. Once that order comes in I can organize. Yay!
Please keep me in prayer. With 10 kids in such a small space, well, it's a mess. I try not to think about it but it's all around me. I have them clean the living room only to have it the same way an hour later.
Then Lupe, is bringing more stuff from my dad's garage (remember we moved from a 3500sft. house to 1200sft) for me to go through, among all that is going on. My Sweets is working hard with trying to get my dad's place ready to rent. My sis and brother-in-law are helping and I'm thankful for that.
Sorry, if this post seems negative but I'm a grump today I am really trying to be joyful for the children. I'm doing some extra praying because I don't like having a heart that is not right.
Okay, well, off to finish cleaning my room. At least I can have one space for my Sweets to come home to that is clean (not that he complains but I want a space tidy for him) he's been working so hard and has not complained unlike is wife. Eeeks! I learn a lot from my dear hubby.


  1. Not negative in the slightest...just a mama going through an overwhelming season and definitely deserving our prayers right now! Jesus, I pray that you provide Linda with supernatural energy for this chaotic time, I pray that extra hands come alongside her to serve her and help her with her housework and heavy load, I pray that you bless Linda with a few quiet moments to refresh herself and I pray that you remind her how much you love her and how great of a job she is doing serving you by being a great mama! God Bless you today Linda!

  2. Casey, you are way too sweet. The Lord is good (as always). I was able to get a quiet moment and am looking back a little embarrassed. Hee, hee.
    Thank you for your prayer, it means a lot to this mama =)
    My oldest son Josh, offered to tidy up the living room.

  3. Big hug to you! We should have a day or two to be grumpy if we want. Although, you don't seem to be to me. I don't like RR order processing time either. I try to avoid them but because they have EVERYTHING, you simply can't. LOL


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