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To File or Not

I sort of started getting ready for school. I'm still waiting for my Rainbow Resource order though. That one has math, spelling, and a few other items that makes it hard to really get started.

I'm also in need of paper clips and more file folders.

I have wanted to try using file folders to organize my stuff for years but never have because I like having the workbook intact and it seems easy enough to just move onto the next lesson.
I usually write out our weekly lessons in a school type planner like these. The blue one for me.
and the black one for the kids (this year I purchased four, one for Josh, Annette, Caleb & Brent)

(I purchased these at http://www.rodandstaffbooks.com/)
But this year I am going to have six students. From K to 7th grade, so I don't want to be searching for anything.I want everything in one place or folder. I'm still not exactly sure how I will accomplish this.
My thoughts are to file 9wks worth of school at a time. Instead of filing by weeks, I may file by subjects . (Still thinking about that).
I'm not sure that I want to file by weeks because of unforeseen appointments or my Sweets may take a day off (and when dad is home our schedule is off) or an unplanned trip may happen then my whole filing system will not be lined up right. I feel if I make a whole years worth of plans I'll feel stressed and behind (because things happen)

With the workbooks that are perforated like Bob Jones, Saxon and things that can be printed I'll file. I'm just not sure how. Let me see......Ethan school consist of:

  • Saxon Phonics

  • McRuffy Science

  • McRuffy Math
I'll take out 9wks worth of Phonics, Math and Science. Find any materials that needs to be used for that week to go into a folder. That's when I'm stuck. What do I do with it after that? What is the difference of having it in book form sitting on the shelf as to tearing out the pages and hanging in a file? Although my Sweets thinks the filing idea is good.

I also will have a file folder for things we do monthly, like Annette's Christian Homemaking Skills. I think this is where the filing system will work great because if I don't see it, it will be forgotten. If I file each chapter of the printable homemaking book and it's in the file system I'll see it and schedule it in her planner.

Anyway, I'm asking Jesus to help me figure this out. I do need those paper clips though.

I'm also getting my house in order. Meaning everything is to have a home and we are getting rid of things. I am also labeling everything.


  1. I'd over complicate this like this: each subject gets a color; each child has their own folder for each subject, hence several folders per child. So, in their own spot, each dc could have their work per subject, which would make is easier if they miss a day to just go to the folder, instead of rotating to the next days work and get all out of order (assuming the "one kid w/ all subjects folder" would have "Day 27, Day 28, etc. as labels). This would prevent any moving around of papers to different folders, keep you subject specific, and avoid any chaos is a day of anything gets skipped. Just keep working through each subject. Kind of the same as keeping things in workbooks, but with the bonus of having extras you use in the same place.

    Whew...that's a lot. Hope it works well for you. I'm sure you'll find a great solution!

  2. Sounds like a busy year ahead! May you find a system that easy and organized that works for you :)

  3. I like Christian Liberty Press's planning book. I had one for each child. We had plastic boxes for each child's books and supplies- like Calvert Correspondence does. - Taryn


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