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2nd Day of Homeschool

Today went much better. I prepared last night. My dad came over for his morning cup of java, which gave us a late start. I don't know how to tell him that it's school time now.

We were suppose to start Bible at 8:00 but my dad stayed until 8:38. We started with reading the first chapter and verse of James. Using Boy Have I Got Problems

I read from, In God We Trust.

And lastly we read about the author of the Hymn This is my Father World. We went over the words of the song. Tomorrow, we'll actually sing it. I have audio sound track (thankfully, as I'm a horrible singer.)

I'm so proud of myself because I didn't feel rushed. Normally, when we are late I get all rushed and it's just not good.

After Bible, I had a session with Ethan. We did a lesson of Saxon Phonics. I'm so glad that he still remembers all that he learned in July. After taking off August, I though he might forget how to code words but he didn't. He did get confused with the words 'short' and 'long' vowel.

Then I worked with Caleb & Brent. We completed a lesson of Bob Jones Math. We are working on Place Value. I really liked how it explained it. It really helped them to understand. Before they new place value but I think today they actually 'saw' it. We used the Bob Jones manipulatives. I wish I had pictures but I'm not sure where my camera is.

I read The Girl Who Sang in the Goathouse from the book Stories from Africa.
All my children enjoy these stories. I read them to the older children and now to the younger ones.
That was all the teaching I did. Josh and Annette worked on Grammar, Writing, Reading, Science and History.
Because of the rain I didn't finish teaching Lance & Ethan.
It was pouring so hard that the kiddos had to go out and run in the rain. They love it!

I will admit that I had one of my adult tantrums day (very embarrassing). I don't even remember why. I think I was a bit upset with the children and not finishing up. Although I love for them to play in the rain but I was still thinking about the lessons, the mess, the extra laundry. I prayed and asked God to help me see "My Father's World" the way the children do =)


  1. Sounds like a great 2nd day!! We did better yesterday...I think that was due to the fact that I too had a mommy temper tantrum today!!

    I am sure it is hard sometimes to get a late start with your Dad coming by in the morning, but what a blessing that you are able to see him every morning!! In the end we never will regret the time spent with our precious families :-)

    Love ya girl :-) :-)

  2. All I can say is Wow! I think your second day was awesome! The last line of this post made me want to cry. Yes, we need to be as children. We need to run in the rain, too! :) Linda, one thing I love about you is that you let your kids be kids. Sometimes I get too stuffy!


    ps And yes I agree with you, I remember that BJU taught place value better than any curriculum I had ever seen. I used the 5th grade book with Baby Girl. You can't beat that manipulative deal you get with their package. I remember even after I sold it, I kept the manipulative packet for a few years.


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