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Backyard Fun

It all started out with Brent, wanting to start a little camp fire out in the driveway. Me, not being an outdoors kind of gal, I said, we should wait until dad gets home. The only problem, is dad won't be home until after the kids are in bed.
Finally, I agreed to a fire in the pit. Sounds nice and safe.
Brent, looked around the yard for some 'tinder' and such to start the fire. He eventually got it going.
 Josh, joining in on the fun. I told the kiddos that we still need to get some school done. Notice, Joshua's ax hanging out of his schoolbag.
 Josh, set up camp and is studying. What a good boy.
Lupe, knows how much the outdoors means to the boys. Friday, he came home with a mosquito netting, so the boys (and Annette) can camp outside without the mosquitoes eating them alive.
 Enjoying the fire. It was chilly out this morning.
 Aw, what the heck, lets start a campfire. I helped the children, take some of the embers from the dying fire and transferred it to the backyard campsite. Hey, this is real life learning.
 They got the fire going.
 Lets take it a little further and add a make-shift stove. Brent, found a piece of an old dvd player, that we let the boys take apart. He is using it as a stove (think Man, Women, Wild). Joshua and I set up the sticks to hold his water. Josh, wanted some boiling water for his tea. 
 After an hour of trying to get the fire to heat a can of beans (think cowboys), Annette, finally sat down and ate cold beans. She was so hungry.
 All six of them.
It was a lot of fun. I was out there the whole time watching or helping. We did get some school in, but at the same time they were learning team work.

Last time the children camped out in the backyard, they came in about 1:00 a.m. in the morning and looked liked this.

 These are actually a week old now.

Caleb, had at least a dozen on his legs. Annette, and Josh, didn't get as much (thank goodness).

Here, is a picture of us getting school done while we are day camping.

Caleb and Brent, took a math test. Joshua & Annette, actually finished all their school work (except spelling, Saxon Phonics Intervention).
I still need to school Lance.


  1. That's awesome! My boys love to be outside! They are hiking through our woods right now!



  2. How fun! I think these are the best memory builders and I'm sure they will remember these days for the rest of their lives!

    Poor kids - those must of been some hungry mosquitoes! You need to get some Skin so Soft from Avon to fight them off :)


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