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Brrr, the Weather is Changing

The children are so excited because it's 54 degrees outside. Josh, would love to put up a little tent, start a fire and drink some hot tea. My wilderness guy. Actually all the boys want to go out and camp.

I also like the chillier temperatures. I may sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee! After so many days of 99 to over 100 degrees, we welcome the cooler weather.


  1. Linda, I was just going to post on how hot it was here today and for the past few days! Some people don't realize that September in FL can be just as hot as the hottest months in the North. Sometimes I miss those NJ breezy fall days. I want to be where you are right now. There is no way I'm even stepping foot outside today! :)

    I'm hoping you got my last email. I did notice there was something up with blogger last week. There were a few blogs that I left posts on that didn't show up. bummer..:(

  2. Your weather sounds like ours and I am in Heaven!!! Enjoy that porch time or that tea. IT's a special day for all of us:) Welcome relief from the crazy heat!

  3. We are also having cooler weather in TX. We were actually able to go outside today and enjoy it. Still in the 70's and low 80's though. Crisp weather and camping sounds so nice. I miss back home.

  4. We finally had summer weather in California - Los Angeles actual broke their record with a temp of 113. Very hot! Today is better though.


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