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Day 11

My Sweets, took a day off from work, to work at home. He, needs to get his apartment paper work in order, go to Dallas because although he sent in the required information to register the apartments, the city of Dallas, has not acknowledged them yet. My hubby doesn't want to get fined (even though he sent them in), so off he goes. Then he'll work at getting my dad's place ready to rent. Poor guy!

Caleb and Brent, learned how to count money back. I had price tags, play money and a little cash drawer (courtesy of Bob Jones). Brent or Caleb would pick an item they wanted to buy and I showed them how to count the money back. Here is a picture of our cash drawer.

Caleb, picked up with the counting quickly. Brent, still doesn't understand it. I really think jumping from 2nd grade to 4th grade was not a good thing! I really loose Brent, when presenting the lesson. Next week I might have to use something else and come back to Bob Jones Math 4 when he is in 4th grade.
Here, they are completing the worksheet.

They also completed their Language Arts (Phonics Road)

Lance, took his first Phonics assessment. It was so cute. I should have taken a picture of it. On his paper there was ab, ba, a. I said the sound /ba/ and he had to circle the correct blend. Another row had the letter 'a' with some space then the letter 'b'. I had to ask which letter was a vowel. Anyway, there were about four rows of this. Of course I knew he wouldn't 'pass' because he still has trouble identifying the letters, let alone, remembering the sounds or if one is a vowel.
He also did a math lesson.
Look how hard he's working at counting the triangles.

He still has trouble holding a pencil correctly.
Completed lesson.
He practiced cutting and pasting.

I also went over Saxon Grammar with Josh.
Saxon Phonics with Ethan. He had his 4th assessment and did great. Got a 99%. The last three he got 100%. Today he didn't code the word 'go' correctly but other than that he did great!
I still need to correct papers and complete a math lesson with Ethan.


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