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Day 17

I know I have said this over and over, but I love teaching phonics now!!!  I feel bad writing this because some day my children will read this and my four older are going to think, 'What!'. It's not that I didn't enjoy teaching my older children phonics but for me it was so hard. I couldn't find the right fit. Now my oldest is in 7th grade and reading well (thank you Jesus!) but struggles with spelling.
My Annette, 5th grade is a great reader and speller but will struggle with an unknown word. The two middle kiddos Caleb and Brent, 3rd and 4th grade, take forever to read a paragraph of Little House in the Big Woods.

Because my three boys 'struggle' a bit with reading and I felt like a fish out of water, flip-flopping around, well, it just was (is) not as fun. With Ethan using Saxon Phonics, it's fun, enjoyable. It's scripted, I know where I'm going with it. We do one lesson a day. I don't know, maybe it's because I have finally settled down with curriculum hopping and buying.

Okay, now onto Day 17!

First, the weather is so nice right now. High 70's, low 80's. Because of our beautiful weather, it made it a bit harder to get school done, but we did most of it.

I'll start with Ethan, because I'm having a blast teaching my little guy. He completed Saxon Phonics Lesson 31. This was a REALLY hard lesson for Ethan, and I knew it would be. He has a hard time with the /th/ sound. You should see how cute he looks trying to make the unvoiced /th/ sound as in thimble, and the voiced /th/ as in feather. Instead of hanging around with this lesson, trying to get him to say it correctly, we will just move on. I know he'll eventually get it. I'll keep practicing with him.
He learned how to code the voiced /th/ sound. He is suppose to put a line through the 'th' to show it's voiced.
Today, he got pretty colorful with his work. It's probably because I've been asking the children to use color this year. We got all these nice color pencil, crayons and such.
Look how much fun he is having!
 Here he is correcting his spelling test (4).
 Close-up of his spelling sound sheet.
 Close-up of his spelling test
 Close-up of his spelling worksheet. There is also a homework worksheet, but we only use them if he needs to reinforce or review something.
 Ethan, hasn't done math yet.

Caleb and Brent, are working with adding 238+165. They can do this easily but I wanted them to see the hundreds, tens, ones. We did the addition problem step-by-step renaming, exchanging ten ones for a ten bar and such. We do this at least a few times a year.

The children having P.E. time.
 Lance School
Ethan, still needs to finish math. Lance, will do math after nap.
Annette and Josh, completed Saxon Phonics Intervention as well as their other subjects.
Caleb and Brent did a lesson of Phonics Road.


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