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Day 18

Completed or almost completed Day 18 here at Homeschooling6!
Every year I start the 100 Day of School count down, but I never finish. In the past I have purchased things like the 100th Day Kits. Like this bug one for instance. Believe it or not we wouldn't complete it. Like, how hard is it to put a sticker on the poster and count! Well, for us it didn't get done.
Anyway, this year, I'm determined to finish our 100th Day. I purchased this for math a few years back {of course we haven't used it yet}.
Everyday one of the children add a straw and the correct number. I'll admit, that we are not always doing the 'whole tens' thing, but at least we are keeping it up. I do plan to sit with Brent, Ethan and Lance in a few days to show them the two sets of 10's.
Lance School
Using McRuffy Math (except I couldn't find our counting-strip so I used Saxon's) Lance, is learning about more and less then. I had him put counting bears on the numbers. I bear on the 1, two bears on the 2 and so forth.
 For 7, 8, and 9 he used cubes.

 I would pull two number cards down and ask which is greater or less. I'd also say more or less. Another word I would use it the smaller number.
 Once we were done practicing with the number cards, he worked in his workbook. His workbook pages had shapes with two numbers in them. He had to cross out the greater number. It was fun watching him concentrate and use the number cards and counting bears to help him figure it out.
Lance, also completed a lesson using Saxon Math 1. His counting is improving, but you can see he still missed a few. We had to cross off the extra square he colored.
Ethan, using McRuffy Math 1 worked on time.
 He had to match the written time with the clocks.
We still need to do Saxon Phonics. Today he'll learn about the suffix 'ing'.

Guess what Annette and Joshua did today? Our first Writing With Ease narration. I'm not sure how consistent we'll be with this. I decided since, I have them during spelling (Saxon Phonics Intervention) I might as well keep them a little longer to work on their narration skills. To complete spelling and Writing With Ease it took 50 minutes. Joshua, did not like that one bit, but tough Twinkies for him.
When we finished our session he asked,  "Mom, how long was that?"
Me, "About 50 minutes."
Josh, "That was too long."
Me, "Well, in public school, your cousin Jamie, has seven periods, each lasting about the same amount of time, so be thankful you only sat for 50 minutes. Do you feel thankful?"
Josh, "No."
Me, "How about after lunch you come back for another 50 minute session then. Do you feel thankful now?"
Josh, "Yes." he smiling while answering.

Josh, doesn't like when my teaching sessions are longer then 30 minutes. I don't blame him, but he has to learn that, that's life sometimes. Next time he complains I told him we'll have another session. I'm too nice, I should have given him one today, but I didn't have the energy.

Here is Annette's summary from WWE (Writing With Ease).
{click to enlarge}
I still have to correct her summary, so there are a few misspelled words and such, but I was so excited I just snapped away!
I  wanted to add that I know her summary is a bit long. I told her and Josh, that it's suppose to be a brief summary. They need only to write the plot and not all the details. Annette, has trouble keeping things brief. A blogging friend pointed out the importance of keeping the summary short, so I'm going to work with her on this.

Here are some sentences that I dictated to Caleb and Brent, via Phonics Road. I said each word slowly so they could hear each sound and I would give hints like "Why do we hear the /I/ sound." they would answer, "Because there is a silent final 'e'."
Not sure why my picture has a pink tint.

Here is one of Joshua's math pages.

Josh, was suppose to put the equation that he solved in the lines provided below. For instance with the first problem (click the image to enlarge and see) 3x(3x9)= He was suppose to multiply the 3x9 first and write 27x3=81 but instead he wrote 9x3=27. This is what I don't understand because I went over this with him before having him do the worksheet. Lupe, is at lost with this too. My hubby, did say that once things slow down with the apartments he'll sit with Josh, more and help him with his math. 

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