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Day 3

Today, was day three here at Homeschooling6. It was okay. My dad stayed until 9:38, school starts at 8:00. While my dad was here I did do Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) with Ethan. I read Who Took the Farmer's Hat. Then I had him tell me the story while we looked at the pictures. In the teacher manual there are questions to ask the child, so we discussed them. It was fun.

The kiddos went out to play in the rain again. It was pouring this morning. I didn't have my camera to take pictures. If I did, I would have taken a picture of the boys 'body' surfing in our flooded backyard ;) The 'pond' that Joshua, dug out is completely full from all the rain that's been coming down this week.
While the kids played in the rain, I had a cup of java with my sis-in-law.

Once the kids where showered and dry, I did math with Caleb and Brent. We are still working with place value. Both Brent and Caleb are using Bob Jones 4. Caleb, caught on with what I was teaching but Brent needed a little bit more help, so after I presented the lesson, I worked with him in his workbook. Once we completed it together I had him do the review page on his own.

Last year Caleb finished Christian Light Math 3. Brent, finished his Spunky Math 2, so Brent, in a sense is skipped a whole year of math. I really needed to combine them and I feel with Bob Jones it can be done. I'll just have to work with Brent a little more at times. Todays math lesson did take longer then 30 minutes because of me working with Brent.

Last night I did a McRuffy Phonics Lesson with Lance. It was fun. He is learning the letter sound 'a' and how to write it. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my camera, so I can take some pictures of the kiddos work.

Annette, finished all her subjects today and so did Joshua. I haven't started spelling yet (Phonics Road and Saxon Phonics Intervention) hopefully next week, I can add that in.

We never did get our Bible Study in either. We had just finished our morning prayer before my dad came. I might have us work through our workbook on Saturday as well.



  1. Sounds like another great day, Linda! Maybe you could just order the workbook for BJU 3, and since they pretty much follow the same scope and sequence, just increase a bit in difficulty, you can give those pages to Brent that will sort of be more to his level...just an idea.

    I'm thinking of going to BJU for the following year as well. I'll probably buy the 4rth grade book for Joshua's 5th grade so I'll be enjoying your math journey. Hopefully we'll make lots of headway with what we are using now.

  2. Hmmm......that's an idea. I'll check out the S&S today.

  3. hey you still did better than me ...again.
    You know you could put your Dad to work helping you teach the kids ;-)

  4. Amity, you're to kind.

    I love my dad but he's like my 7th child ;) in fact I told the kids that one of them needs to pick up after grandpa =) He does tell great stories and plays games with the kiddos, so I guess it works out :o)
    I just want to start our day off at 8:00.

  5. Congrats on 3 days done so far!! The body surfing in the rain sounds like fun :)

  6. You could start with bible and "invite" him to join in. That way he understands school is on the move and he is welcome, but you have to move on. Otherwise, a kiss on the cheek and say I need to get to work...grab a kiddo and get started. Just thinkin' out loud.

  7. Hi Lou, sounds like you are getting a lot done - even with the interruptions. I like Tina's idea of asking him to join or giving him a kiss on the cheek :) Gotta love Dad!


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