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Day 5

Whew, today was a busy one. I did:
  1. McRuffy Math with Ethan
  2. McRuffy Phonics with Lance
  3. Saxon Phonics with Ethan
  4. Bob Jones Math with Caleb
  5. Bob Jones Math with Brent (I separated them today, to see if it will help Brent understand better)
  6. Saxon Phonics Intervention with Annette & Joshua
  7. McRuffy Math with Lance (we only completed half his lesson because he was acting too silly)
  8. Bible with all children
The only thing I didn't do was Phonics Road with Caleb and Brent. I need to re-watch the DVDs. I may do this after I write this post.

I'm loving Saxon Phonics. Here is a picture of Ethan, matching the pictures with the words.

Here is Ethan, measuring small items with rods and cubes. He made a graph too but I forgot to take a picture of it.

With some of my teacher manuals, like Bob Jones Math, Saxon Phonics and Saxon Phonics Intervention, I like to highlight certain parts. I know it's not good for resell value but it helps me with teaching. For instance the Saxon Phonics/Intervention teacher manuals are scripted and bolded. In between are notes to let the teacher know what's to be done. For example it will say "write fig on the board" so, I don't forget I highlight what I want to remember.
Here is a picture of my Saxon Intervention book.
(click image below to enlarge)

And from Bob Jones Math.
(click image to enlarge)

So, today went so, so. I say that because for some reason, every so often, homeschooling brings out the grump in most of us. You should see us sometimes. Talk about grouchy people. Hee, hee. After a while we all had to laugh because we were not being joyful in Christ.


  1. Glad to see you moving along :)

    BTW, We're having Taco Soup (for the 2nd time). I LOVE this! Not only is it taco-terrific, but it's also so darn easy to make...and I LOVE that on school days. I'm not sure that I will ever make it the same way, but man-oh-man, so long as anything is taco-like in my house, we're all happy ;)

  2. Tina, I hear ya, I love Taco Soup too and all my kiddos eat it. Josh, doesn't like Fritos with his. Weird huh? I love that it's so easy to make too, especially after a long day of teaching my 6 blessings =)
    Taco-terrific, hmmm, I'll have to use that sometime ;)

  3. Boy, you were one busy girl today! :) I love the way the Saxon Phonics looks. It reminds me of the phonics lessons of the 70's...showing my age here. ;)

  4. Imagine my surprise this morning! Such precious timing as I was just sending out a special Compassion birthday gift to one of our sponsored children. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Really, though, if you need anything else, I will be very happy to help.

    I also appreciate all your homeschool sharing :)

  5. I'm so glad Tamara, and thank you for letting me wait. That was really nice of you.

    I enjoy sharing about our homeschool. The good, the bad and the ugly ;) as they say.


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