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Day 6

I can't believe how much we are getting done. I hope this doesn't sound prideful or anything. I'm really, just plain thankful to the Lord for seeing me through our first week and a Monday (yes, I know today is Tuesday). You all remember how frightened I was to start school teaching a K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th graders. I was shaken in my boots (not that I have boots).

Today, I didn't even combine anyone and still got:
  1. Saxon Phonics Intervention done with Annette. Two lessons.
  2. Saxon Phonics Intervention with Josh, two lessons.
  3. Phonics Road done with Brent and Caleb (ooops! I did combine these two for this subject)
  4. Bob Jones Math 4 with Caleb.
  5. Bob Jones Math  4 with Brent (didn't combine him with Caleb, it seems he does better with one-on-one tutoring)
  6. Saxon Phonics 1 with Ethan (still need to do math)
  7. McRuffy Math with Lance (still need to do phonics)
  8. Learning Language Arts Through Literature Blue Book with Ethan.
I'm still shocked, PLUS, I had time to answer a few questions at The Well Trained Mind homeschool forum. Wow!

We haven't had Bible time yet. We were going to do that first thing, but the kiddos wanted to go out and play this morning while it was still cool. We will do Bible tonight after supper.

Here is Annette, this morning, enjoying some outside time before it got hot.

And just because she's so cute, here is another picture.

Brent, pointing to a......


Lance, doing math.

He had to color the correct amount of squares. My poor guy, can't count to ten yet. My other middle children (Caleb, Brent and Ethan) all learned to count, add and subtract by osmosis. I didn't have to teach them how to count to 100 because the knew how by the time they started Kindergarten. My Lance, is a whole different story. It's fun though. I'm really enjoying these moments with him.
He does know his shapes, colors and such. He, has troubles with his letters and numbers.
A close-up of his work, just because I like to see it in 'lights' =)

I wrote his name with the hearts.


  1. Man I don't know how you manage to get to much done everyday...you are my inspiration :-)

    Funny thing Gabriela did that exact same math page today and she colored her boxes with the same color crayon...weird huh??

  2. Oh, how cute! Their little great minds think a like ;)
    I can't believe how much we are getting done too. Although, I still have to grade everything and that takes a while.


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