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When I learned about decimals in public school, this is how I learned. My teacher handed out the worksheets, showed us how to fill it in and we learned decimals. Like the worksheet that Brent, completed today.
With Bob Jones math, before Brent, worked on the worksheet, I had to show him using a Red 1 Hundred, Orange 1 tenth bar and a purple little squares that represent one, 1 hundredth.
I didn't 'understand' decimals until I had to teach Caleb (I taught Caleb first then Brent later). I read the lesson the night before, but was still unsure. While teaching Caleb, and getting out the manipulatives I had some 'light' bulb moments. I'm embarrassed to write that I didn't understand what tenths and hundredths meant, until I was using the bars below.

Then I showed him using the Decimal Place Value Pocket Chart. I would place a tenths bar in the tenths pocket to further help him understand. Same with the purple hundredths. To use the example below, I put a red 100 on the left, three orange tenths in the tenths pocket, and propped up eight small purple squares under the number 8 in the pocket chart.

I was able to explain that three tenths meant three tenths of the hundred.
Here is a close-up of the Pocket Chart.

I did flounder while teaching Caleb, but when I taught Brent, the same lesson a few hours later, it was a 'piece of cake'!

Here is where I had my decimal 'light' bulb moment.


  1. Some how, I lost Dee's comment, so I'm posting it here.
    Don't feel embarassed, Linda. We all have stories like that with our children. When I first started 11 years ago, I had no clue how to approach fractions, but little by little and with my children (sometimes they taught me), I learned. There have been way more since then, and I'm sure there will be a few more light bulbs going on for me before I'm done on this journey. God is good to give us so much wisdom from above! :)

  2. Dee, thanks for your kind words. Very encouraging =)
    And sorry, I lost your comment. I think I might have accidently hit the wrong button. That's what I get for trying to get on the computer with my 6 kiddos and 2 cousin kiddos ;)

  3. Oh that's okay, Linda...at least you still got to read it. Cherish that house full of those little ones. They grow up so fast, it's not fair! Off to wash Little Nemo with Josh before I blink and he's 18...later...:)


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