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Elson Readers

I was gifted a whole set of Elson Readers and the Teacher Manuals. A mom over at the Well Trained Mind boards sent them to me.

Since these can be found free on the Internet, I asked my sister if she could reformat the 5th book for me, so it's more like a workbook. She sent me the first section of the book and it looks really nice. She included pictures (some in color), added lines so the children don't have to use notebook paper when answering questions or looking up the vocabulary questions. It looks so nice that I ended up printing the story out as well. I then three hole punched it and placed it in Annette's and Joshua's binders.
If you are interested in purchasing an Elson Reader 5 E-book, you can email my sister by clicking on her link that I have on the left sidebar.

Next week Annette & Josh will read Our Uninvited Guest (about a bear). After they read the story they  then read about the author, answer some discussion questions, Read aloud five paragraphs, they write a narrative using an outline that's provided, look up some words in the glossary and lastly pronounce words. The words to be pronounced for next week are blancmange and haunches.

The stories keep my children's interest and mine too.

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