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Ethan's Binder

Ethan, is using Saxon Phonics 1 and Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Blue book) this year for Language Arts. Here is how I set up his binder.

In the front left pocket, holds his Saxon Phonics Rule Book, Spelling Booklet, Alphabet Strip and the right side I have his picture cards, spelling cards, tiles and letter cards.

In his Buzz Light Year folder; on the left is what he is 'still using', on the right is his completed work.

Right behind the Buzz folder I put the current weeks Learning Language Arts Through Literature papers. I clip the reader and any sight words on the left side. I teach most sight words using phonics though. For instance, the word 'to' I put a little 3 above the 'o' because it's the 3rd sound for the letter 'o'.

The tabs are marked Monday-Friday.

I taped a library pocket in front of the notebook divider to hold any letter/picture/spelling cards or McRuffy math number cards.

If there is a letter tile, I clip it to the envelop as well.

I place Saxon Phonics and McRuffy Math worksheets behind the day of the week.

In case you are wondering why his Saxon Phonics worksheet is orange. I purchased the workbooks used and some lessons where completed in pencil. I erased the lessons but some still had marks. I tried using them with the pencil marks but it distracted Ethan (he likes things to be neat, unless it's his room), so the few that looked really used I copied for him. Just wanted to note that I'm not saving anything for Lance. He will get his own set of books.


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