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Ethan's School Year 10/11 2nd Grade

My Sweets had to head back to work. It's 10:48p.m. He has to close down a program.

I thought I'd share about Ethan's school curricula.

With Ethan, I wanted something fun as well. Since I am set on Saxon Phonics I didn't get McRuffy Phonics 1st grade. I wanted too because of the cutting and pasting but I new it would be too much.

Ethan's main phonics program will be Saxon Phonics 1st Grade . I like how Saxon Phonics is scripted. I like when the teacher manuals are scripted because I have a tendency to over explain and confuse. There are little readers and games to play. I like how SP teaches with baby steps. Ethan, knows how to code the words so and no with an accent mark. Words with the double ll he crosses one out. He enjoys that. Ethan, is in 2nd grade but I wanted to start the program from the beginning. I like the fact that he is a little older. I feel like he won't glaze over with all the rules. This worked out great and we finished it. Yay!

At the last minute I decided to add a literature program. It's actually a full Language Arts program but I'm mainly using it to reinforce his phonics that he learns from Saxon, there is copywork, cutting and pasting, sequencing events from stories. It looks like a lot of fun. So, what program is it? Learning Language Arts Through Literature the Blue Book.
It's a full program but I think we can add it in. It has lots of cutting, pasting, sequencing, penmanship, some copywork and games. I'm not going to stress about getting everything done. I gave myself permission to use it when we can. Skip if needed and if it takes longer than our nine month school year, that's okay. I really want to just snuggle with a good book with Ethan. The activities are centered around the readers and the books. It kind of reminds me of McRuffy Phonics with the cut-outs. There are characters to cut and paste in order, so he can retell the story to his dad later in the evening. Anyway, I am glad I purchased it. Ethan and I are going to have lots of fun with it. Completed half of this program.

For math we are going with McRuffy Math 1st grade. It's colorful, has games and lots of manipulatives. I ended up combining McRuffy with Saxon.

Lots of games.

For Science he will join Lance with using McRuffy Science K (didn't happen, like with the two middle boys I used audio books, read aloud books and DVDs and/or Netflix)

Normally, I don't add a sience program in at this age but like I've mentioned before.....I want to have lots of fun with my last two little guys. I figure the older kiddos can join in with their science. I know they'll like the experiments.
I'm not really sure how I'm going to fit in science but I am going to try. If we  have a science day on Saturday all the better.
So, that's Ethan's 2nd grade year. Hopefully we'll fit it all in.

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