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Homeschool Week 1

September 7th-10th
Wow! A whole week of school. We did it! I'm so happy it's Friday, though =)

I don't even know where to start.

My Father's World Bible

We only completed Day 1. We were suppose to read from Boy Have I Got Problems pgs. 1-23. We didn't even get to page 13. It's going a bit slower then I thought. It takes Caleb and Brent FORever to write the answers. We read and studied verses 1-4 of the first chapter. I read about Leif Ericsson.

Joshua 7th Grade

Math: Finished 3 lessons and some Reteaching worksheets from Bob Jones cd.
Saxon Grammar: Completed 3 lessons. Learning about sentences. Interrogative, Declarative etc. Fragments and complete sentences.
Elson Reader: Completes lesson one. Read "Turk, the Faithful Dog" Answered questions and wrote a two paragraph narrative.
Writing: Completed 2 lessons. What is an Essay? What is a Topic? Basically learning about what an essay is about.
Science: Completed Days 1-5. Learning about the human body. Read from Blood & Guts, Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body, Understanding Your Brain. Completed Sonlight Science 5 worksheets.
Bob Jones Heritage Studies American Republic: Completed Activity sheets 1-3 from Chapter 1. Read pages 1-8
Saxon Phonics Intervention (spelling): We did two lesson this week.
He is also memorizing a poem, song and verses from his Cadet class.

Annette 5th Grade

Horizons Math 4: Completed Chapter one, including the test. She did very well. The only part she had trouble on was labeling Grouping Property of Addition and Zero Property of Addition. Other than that she did very well.
 Intermediate Language Lessons (purchased from my sister): Annette, read The Finding of Moses, described the picture and wrote about it. Lesson 3 Selection Study was The Stone in the Road. She wrote a story from an outline that was provided in the book.
Elson Readers: She completed the first story (same as Josh).
Saxon Grammar: She completed Lessons 1-4. She learned about Two Part Sentences, Simple Subjects and Predicates, Four Types of Sentences and Reversed Subject and Predicate/Split Predicate.
Saxon Phonics Intervention (spelling): We did two lessons this week. The letter sounds are review but the coding of the letters are new.
Penmanship: She completed two pages of Basic Italic Lowercase
Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5: She read pages 2-9 and completed all the Activity Sheets. Right now she is learning about geography.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: She read the book Farmer Boy, did Vocabulary (looked up words) and completed the Discussion Questions.

Caleb 4th Grade and Brent 3rd Grade

With my two boys, we only did Bob Jones Math 4 this week. They completed 4 lesson about Place Value.
Next week we will start The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading and this consist of grammar, writing, reading, phonics and spelling. It's a complete Language Arts Program

Ethan 2nd Grade

McRuffy Math: Completed two lessons. He practiced skip counting by twos from 2-30.
Saxon Phonics 1: Completed two lessons. I am really liking this program.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Blue): Completed two weeks worth of lesson this week. We read Who Took The Farmers Hat, discussed the story, practiced writing letters, I read The Lion and The Mouse, he retold the story using pictures from his activity book. It was fun. I'm glad at the last minute I decided to purchase it.

Lance Grade K

McRuffy Phonics: He completed one lesson. Hopefully next week will do more.

That was our first week of school.


  1. Wow, I only have three young'uns! What you accomplished this week is HUGE (to me, anyways)!!!


  2. Linda!!! This was your first week of school! Praise the Lord, I can't get over how much you got done. God is so good and all your organizing paid off!

    I really like what I'm seeing with the Elson readers. I didn't know there were writing assignments attatched to those. I'm going to go check those out right now. ;)

    Have a great weekend and rest up, you deserve it!

  3. Wow, you're fitting in so many students! Looks like a great week.

  4. Bummer about the lost camera! Looks like you had a great first week! Way to go, Mom!

  5. Sounds like you're off to a good start!


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