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Lance and Babies

Sunday, morning, while my Sweets was ironing some church clothes, Lance, asked, "How do babies get in mom's stomach?" Dad, told him, God, put the baby there.
Lance, "How did the baby get out?"
Dad, "We had to take mom to the hospital."
Lance, "How does the baby come out of mom."
Dad, "We need to finish getting ready for church, we'll talk about this later."

My Sweets, said, he was so interested with how the baby came out.
I wonder what made him so interested in babies that morning.


  1. Oh, how I LOVE that question! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! You have six very beautiful kiddos! I have a soft spot for big families. I am a new follower and I cannot wait to read more. I LOVE that you homeschool!


  2. Uggggh! At least he asked the easier of the two questions. My eldest two have reached the age that "God puts them in Mom's tummy" doesn't work any more. Dreading that conversation. Blessings.