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Math Mammoth Again

This past week Joshua, has been working with fractions, but he still is missing too much. I sit with him everyday for math.I go step-by-step through the teacher manual, so I don't know what to do.

This week he will do five pages a day of Math Mammoth Introduction to Fractions. He has done these pages in the past, so hopefully this time around he will understand. Next Monday, I'll have him take the Bob Jones test and hopeprayfully we'll be able to move on.

I may have him over the summer (I know, a long way off) complete Factions 1 and Fractions 2 from Math Mammoth.


  1. Have you tried fraction manipulatives to use with it? Maybe if he "sees" it. I have the ones from Math U See. Not exactly cheap but, in my opinion, it makes it easier for the kids to understand.

  2. How about Key to Fractions, Linda? Both of my daughters used that as a supplement and loved it, not to mention they finally understood their fractions...just a thought...

  3. Dee, I think if MM fractions doesn't get through to him, I'm going to order Key to Fractions along with Sonlight's Mathtacular series. I forgot about those. I get free shipping with Sonlight.

  4. Math was SO hard for me as a kid. I had to really apply myself to get good grades. My sister tries even harder but, still can't get better than C's. My hubby loves math and excels in it. It fascinates me how our brains can be wired so differently! :) Teaching my kids math would be so intimidating for me!! You amaze me!

  5. Casey, thank you, for your comment. Not that I'm happy about math being hard for you and your sis but it helps me see that my Josh, is normal and so am I. At times I feel that it's me not teaching my son right. I have to remember that we all have strengths and weaknesses and one of his is math. I feel for him though because academically he is so challenged. One great thing about him is he doesn't give up and I know God is using this for something great for his future.
    Thanks again!

  6. Hey mama! What is having the most difficulty with in fractions? If it's addition etc..maybe take him to the kitchen and work with him while he doubles (or triple) a batch of chocolate chip cookies! Have him lay out each ingredient as a single (1/2 c.) then have him physically "add" 2 1/2 c.s into a 1 c. measuring cup. Maybe having him do the work with real stuff will help him! Just a thought..
    Praying for you to have smooth and productive school year!



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