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Middle of the Week

Today, I sat with Joshua, and we went over his math. Here is a page from yesterday.
If you click on the image above, you will see that he put the numerator where the denominator goes and vice-versa.
These are the kind of mistakes he makes. I don't understand why he does thing like this.
I told him that the only reason he missed these problems was because he didn't put the numbers in the right place.
I am happy to say that, Josh, had a 'light' bulb moment while working with Math Mammoth today. I don't remember exactly what it was but I do know it was with mixed fractions (and he used the word "mixed fractions").

Here is a picture of Ethan's, sequencing a story from, Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Blue Book). He actually completed this last week.

Caleb and Brent, completed their second lesson of Phonics Road level 2. They copied a summary of Little House in the Big Woods. I was really suppose to dictate it to them. My boys seem to have rough start with spelling and reading.
Josh, is doing fine in the reading department (Praise the Lord) but his spelling is not so good. Caleb and Brent, are improving with their reading and I am positive as we continue with Phonics Road their spelling will too.
If you remember from past post:
  • Joshua, didn't really start reading until he was 9yrs. old. Thanks to the Box Car Children.
  • Annette, could read well by the time she was 6yr. old. Always a few grade levels ahead
  • Caleb, not very motivated yet. He can decode at 4th grade level, but actually reads below 4th.
  • Brent, is more motivated, and reads more than Caleb. He hasn't taken off with reading yet.
  • Ethan, is doing great. I know he'd be farther along. I wanted to teach him and Lance together. I feel bad with holding him back some but I  see a little reader emerging. 
  • Lance, well, he can identify the letter 'a' and 'b'.
That is where, my children were or are at with reading. When I say 'reading' I'm not talking about sounding out words (b-a-ck or s-a-t) I mean that they can see the word and say it without having to sound out every letter of the word. For instance, with Joshua, he could sound out words but had difficulty with reading. Especially with all the vowel teams (ea, ai, oa, etc.)
With Annette, once she new her phonics, she took off and could read and comprehend.


  1. It's so neat to read how well your kiddos are doing and for the record just looking at that math freaked me out...how will I ever help my kids with their homework??? Was math a strong subject for you in school? Do you ever run into things that you as the teacher don't remember how to do?

  2. Maybe you could tell him that the Denominator goes down and that "D" is a signal to go down. It's hard but once he does it a few times, he'll remember.

  3. Casey, math was not one of my strong subjects, there are things I have forgotten and don't remember. I'm thankful for the teacher manuals. For higher grade math I'm going to use some of the programs that have dvds included.

    Dee, I'll tell him that tomorrow about the "D"

  4. He will pick everything up in no time, I love reading how great your kids are doing. I am a first year and it has been an interesting year so far.

    I also wanted to let you know how much I love your blog so I chose you for a "lovely blog award". Just visit my blog to pick it up. :)



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