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My Caleb

When Caleb, grows up, he would like to work at Yellowstone National Park and own a cabin with a deck. He's so sweet! He told me; I could move in and have coffee on his deck. What a nice son I have.

Ever since we visited Yellowstone, last fall, he's talked about being a park ranger. I just had to share, because I don't want to forget one of his dreams :)

Last summer, I read Julie of the Wolves (think that's the title) and Julie's Wolves (the 2nd book). He became really interested in wolves. I have since read a few more books and I found a dvd on wolves. He wanted a blanket with a wolf on it, so for his birthday last year I purchased one.

Caleb, is so observant of things. He notices everything! Which can be good. When I was pregnant with Lance, that was six years ago, that would mean Caleb, was about three, we went to Disneyland. Joshua, stopped to look at something (josh was five), Lupe and I didn't notice but my little Caleb, did. Right away he said, "Mom. Josh." I turned and was able to grab Josh, just as he was about to be lost in the crowed.

Sometimes it can be a downfall as well, and we are working on this with him. He sees and notices everything that he feels wronged many times. Add to the mix that he can be sensitive. I'm working with him and we call it 'chill'. Meaning, I'm trying to help him, not let everything get to him. He needs to learn to let things go. In other words 'chill'. It was funny; the other day something happened to him. I can't recall at the moment, but he didn't let it get to him. He looked at me and said, "Did, I chill?"

If Caleb, continues to let so much of everyday life bother him, I don't see him being a happy adult. He really needs to learn to let things go or be a giver-inner (we read about a little girl, who would give in and walk away and the little girl called it 'a giver-inner).
Today for example, Lance, accidentally broke one of his toy soldiers cart. The wheel popped off. Caleb, was upset and what made it worse was Lance, smiled. Lance, didn't smile because he broke the toy or meant to be mean, but Caleb, took it that way and started crying. He felt wronged because of the smile.

I love Caleb, and want him to, not let so much bother him. We have been working on this for almost a year now. I pray and ask God, to show me how to teach Caleb. I want him to have the joy of the Lord. To have that joy even when things are not going his way. Give the situation to Jesus, let it go, don't hang on to it. I don't want him to carry this into adulthood.

Caleb, is also very thoughtful. He is protective of his sibling. He has a BIG heart. He is more cautious then his brothers. He has two teeth missing right now. He loves to laugh. Most of all he gave is life to Jesus, when he was five years old. Oh, can't forget that he loves cheese pizza!

And that's a little peek into Caleb's life! My quiet middle child.


  1. I had to laugh because it is so typical of the middle child to be this way: very emotional, giving, loving, and very sensitive. God will teach him to hone, tame, and control those traits to become a man of God, you'll see. Here in my house, Josh is the strong willed, and easily offended party--usually my complainer. I am teaching him that God made him this way with the traits that he has so that he can best work in His kingdom to bring souls to Christ. I know that it sometimes takes someone very feisty and bold to bring about the Word of God to strange places around the world.

    I suspect that as he (Caleb) matures, you will see all those beautiful traits come into play and become assets to his chosen field, and for him becoming a man of God. If he does become a ranger, just think how attentive and perceptive he is going to have to be.

    I loved Julie and the Wolves. I read that book on a flight to NJ. I couldn't believe how good it was! Hmm? Maybe I'll read it again! I love children's books, sometimes they are written better than adult books. :)

    Caleb sounds like a sweetie! I loved reading about him and his sweet personality.

  2. Just an encouragement from a grown woman who still deals with this issue; God has shown me just this week about trespasses. The smile was a trespass and according to God's word, we have to forgive those who trespass against us. Sometimes, others hurt us unknowingly or without intent, it is then we must forgive, as the Lord forgives us. I'll be praying for your sweet little one and hope that the Lord will straighten him our far sooner than I.

  3. Thank you ladies! Dee, I never thought about all these traits of him coming into play as he matures. So, thanks for shining new light on the situations.
    Tina, I'll have to do a little study on trespasses, so I can bring this up with Caleb. I love when the Lord, shows me a teaching/ministry moment with my children and as soon as I look into this, I'll be looking for a way to insert trespasses.

  4. I would love for blogspot to have an edit button, so I can make corrections of my own comment. Maybe, I should just proof read before I hit the submit button.


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