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My Sweets and Goofy Son

 Last night, my Sweets said, "For the school teacher." and brought in a case of bottled water. It's these little things he does that I love about him. He doesn't have to bring me home my favorite yogurt or bottled water but he does. To stop at the store on his way home, I know takes time, especially after a long day at the office. At lunch time he picked up some boxes for a co-worker and dropped them off at a donation stand, so he's always on the run, but still takes a moment to put a smile on my face. Of course I'd love my guy, if he just came home, but the little things he does for me, just makes him extra sweet!

I need to tell you all a secret. My oldest son Josh, likes to get on my nerves. He does it in an innocent way, but I know him. Today, for spelling (Saxon Intervention) he came to our session with a piece of tape on his nose. Usually I'll say something like this,"Jooosh, why do you do things like this. You know it school bla, bla, bla." Here I am trying to teach and he is acting goofy and wasting my time.
Lately, I have been working on the way I respond. Instead of whining about it, today, I ignored it. I went through the whole lesson without saying anything and I didn't show an annoyed emotion. I could tell, he was waiting. He would smile that smile every-so often.
At the end of the meeting, I calmly put my book a side and said, "Josh, you can wear that tape on your nose all day."
Josh, in a not so happy voice, "Why mom?"
Me, "Why, did you put that tape on your nose."
Josh, "Because it was funny."
Me, "You, wanted to annoy, me and see my reaction, didn't you?"
Josh, "Yes."
Me, "Is it so funny now?"
Josh, "No."
Me, "That wasn't very nice of you, to do that. Trying to provoke me that way, so you can wear the piece of tape on your nose for the rest of the day." and because I'm so mean, I just had to laugh. It was so funny!
Thankgoodness, he obeys, so he is walking around with a piece of tape on his nose.


  1. So sweet about your husband! And Josh is too funny! I don't know how you kept your cool and did the whole lesson without telling him to remove the tape. You are good!

  2. It was hard, but I couldn't let him get to me this time. That stinker of mine =)


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