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Saxon Grammar

This year Annette and Joshua's main grammar program will be Saxon Grammar and Writing , okay maybe not the writing. I decided that I do like the writing portion but I have other programs that I like better. Annette, will use Intermediate Language Lessons combined with Learning Language Arts Through Literature for composition, copywork and dictation.

I do like that Saxon Grammar and Writing, does include vocabulary, copywork, journaling and dictation. For a schoolish grammar program I'm surprised that dictation is included.

This is our first week using it, so I can't really write too much with regards how it's working, but I'll keep you updated.

I had the binding cut and 3-hole punched, so the children can put a weeks worth in their binder. I also am letting them write in the textbook. They can do most of the work in the book. Diagramming they will need to use notebook paper.

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