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Saxon Phonics Intervention

Today, we completed our first lesson of Saxon Phonics Intervention with Josh and Annette. I'm using Saxon Phonics Intervention as a spelling program. I'm really excited about this.
Yesterday I did assessments with them. We went over double vowel sounds like oo, igh, ar and ea etc. to see which ones they are having trouble with. They spelled and read words too.
The beginning is going to be pretty easy; like today we went over all the vowel and consonants and Monday we'll go over the two sounds of 'a' but what they are learning is how to code words and the rules. When to use a hard 'c', when to use a short vowel sound. Yes, some of this they know but that's okay. Review is good. 
With this program you can't just jump into the middle because one will miss all the coding and rules. Even though the children know their sounds and some rules it's not a good thing to skip a lesson.
Again, I'm really excited and thankful to the Lord for this program. This is the second time I've purchased the program. The firs time I was a curriculum junkie/hopper. Not anymore. Two years ago I made a commitment to myself to stick the year out with what I purchased for that year and praise the Lord, since then that's what I've been doing. It feels so freeing and good.

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