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Starting Next Week

I'm ready to start school. I can't wait for September 7th. I don't plan to do a whole lot the first week. On the 7th I have and orthodontist appointment so that's not helping any =)
I'm still scared to start but I'm tired of being scared (if you know what I mean). At least if we start, there won't be anymore wondering.

I'm done filing, I got the chores in order, house is almost in order, snack pantry it stocked and I know where all the teacher manuals are. I think I'm ready..............

I'm still making last minute decisions though. Until a week ago I didn't know what math to use with Annette (It's now ordered and on it's way from Sonlight). Her reading and writing I made a decision on (finally). I just barely pulled Joshua's Language Arts program together (some of it won't be here for a few weeks). Talk about cutting things close! I sure had a hard time this year with figuring out what to use.

I am done filing for the most part. The only things that aren't filed are the last minute purchases (like Annette's math and Joshua's Language Arts). I'm not sure I will file those now. I'll put them in the crate with the rest though. At least everything will be there.

Tomorrow is movie day. I told the children that I'll sit with them and watch some movies. Next week the children won't be watching much dvds anymore. One of our movies for Movie Day will be Creature from the Black Lagoon 1954. I haven't seen this movie since I lived at home. I haven't pre-watched it, so I'm hoping the 'girl' scenes aren't to showy.
 My dad has a lot of those old black and white movies. I think we'll also watch a few episodes of The Rifle Man. I use to watch the Rifle Man when I was little. I have recently viewed a few episodes and I like how Mr McCain teaches his son about what's right and good. Annette, noticed that. She said, "Mom, I noticed that the Rifle Man teaches good. To bad they didn't talk about God though." She's so cute! That was said after an episode where Lucas turned down a fight, even after being called a coward.

We can't leave The Lone Ranger out, after all he's a Texan :) When my kiddos are watching The Lone Ranger they all have their dart guns out and they sing the tune.
I like that the Lone Ranger doesn't shoot to kill. The children noticed that right away.

The children will most likely request a few episodes of The Range Rider. They think the Range Rider's side kick Dick West is so funny.

That's what we will be watching tomorrow.


  1. Great movie choices! My mom showed us things like that when we were younger too:). WE also watched a lot of Dick VAn Dyke;) That show cracks me up:). Good look with school starting up!!

  2. Thanks Casey. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, wasn't so bad (at least compared to these days). My dad came by with some pizza. The kiddos REALLY liked that =)


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