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Week 2

Week of September 13th - 17th completed.

My Father's World Bible

I'm so embarrassed to report that we only finished our 2nd day of week 1. Monday, the children copied James 1:1-4. We worked in our workbook but that was about it.
My dad, still comes in the morning. Some mornings he's here till 9:30 or so. When he leaves, some of the children are doing other subjects. I thought maybe we can have Bible time after lunch, so, we'll see. (embarrassed smile)

Joshua 7th Grade

Learning Language Arts Through Literature: He will finish reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. This is his second time reading this book. Thankfully, he likes to reread books. Sometimes I could hear him laughing or he would come to me saying, that he missed a certain part the first time he read it. I think reading a books twice is a good thing. He completed vocabulary, discussion questions and labeled the parts of a ship.
Elson Reader: He read a short story about Our Uninvited Guest, answered the discussion questions and wrote a two paragraph narration.
Saxon Grammar: He learned about Capitalizing Proper Nouns, Present and Past Tense of Regular Verbs, Fragments, Run-on Sentences and Action Verbs. He completed lessons 4-7
How to Write Essays and Research Reports: Josh, is working on Essay #1 My Summer Vacation. He completed Days 1-4. Everyday there are a few questions he has to answer about his summer vacation. Since we didn't take a summer vacation, he gets to be creative!
Bob Jones American Republic: Joshua, is learning about founding a colony. He had to imagine that he was going to the New World. What would he take, how would he get there and so forth. He is really liking this program. Yesterday, he was excited to tell his father what he has learned.
Sonlight Science 5: Learning about the stomach and organs. Very interesting!
Math: He completed half a chapter of Math Mammoth, working with fractions. He still continues to have trouble with understanding fractions and mixed fractions. Next week, I'll have him take Bob Jones Math test, and hopefully continue on with math. I may have him completed 1pg a day of Math Mammoth.
Saxon Phonics Intervention: We completed lessons 3-8. Since the beginning is a bit easy, I thought we would double up on some lessons. They know the sounds of the vowels and consonants but just need to learn how to code the words. Coding is what they are learning right now.

Annette 5th Grade

Intermediate Language Lesson: Monday, Annette, copied a poem by Alice Carry. She was suppose to memorize it but she didn't. It didn't make sense to her even though I explained it. I liked the last stanza "There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth." Pretty, don't you think? She also made a small outline and that was about it for ILL this week.
Eslon Reader Book 5: Same as Josh.
Saxon Grammar: Annette, completed lessons 4-6. She had a bit of trouble understanding Reversed Subject and Predicate as well as Split Predicate. Even with just the Simple Subject/Predicate, so I printed off some free worksheets to help her understand. I think having one day to concentrate only on the simple sub./pred. helped her because the last lesson she did of Saxon Grammar; she got 100%.
Sonlight Science 5: Same as Josh. She liked learning about the brain. Reading Understanding Your Brain. She thinks the title Blood and Guts is gross!
Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5: She completed activity pages 1-9. She continues to learn about maps and globes, longitude, latitude, political, cultural and natural boundaries as well as time zones. She is liking this subject.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Purple): She is working on the chapter called Everyday Words in America She copied America by Samuel Francis Smith, she had to find the descriptive words in that stanza, copy it, and did some grammar.
Horizon Math 4: Annette, had some trouble remembering how to write numbers in expanded form and writing the fraction parts. We went over that together. She completed lessons 12-16.
Getty and Dubay Italic Handwriting: She completed two pages. There are three sections to a page. I hae her complete at least a section a day. This italic is a bit different for her, so with some letters I let her write how it's most comfortable to her.

Caleb 4th and Brent 3rd Grade

Bob Jones Math 4: Completed lessons 5-9. They are working on decimals.
The Phonics Road: They completed their first five lessons. I dictated five sentences to them and let them copy the work for their book study. Today I dictated the months. It felt good getting back to Phonics Road.

Ethan 2nd Grade

Saxon Phonics 1: He completed lesson 20-24. He did really well the learning when to use the 'k' and 'c' in words. I thought for sure he would get stumped, but no, he did quite well.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Blue): We continued to read Nat Ran, Ann Ran. He sequenced the story again, we read about the Tortoise and the Hare. The story was set up like a newspaper article that was written by Wise Owl
McRuffy Math: He completed lessons 24-26

Lance Kindergarten

McRuffy Phonics K: He completed two lessons. He is learning the sound for 'a' and 'b' and to recognize them as well.
McRuffy Math K: Completed lessons 2-4. He can almost count to 10! Yay!

That was our homeschooling week 2.

Sorry, about no pictures, but I'm a bit tired today ;) I did post pictures through out the week, under Day 1, Day 2 etc.
Maybe next week I'll get some pictures going and figure out how to make this post not so long.


  1. Ha, you and me both on the long thing. I really have to find a way to condense my weekly reviews. :)

    Josh didn't go on vacation, but he had an amazing summer vacation with cousins that came over and they built ponds, forts, castles, had adventures, etc. There's so much he could write about! ;)

    I'm very impressed with a two page written narration from his Elson reader.

    As always, Linda, you are my hero! When I think I can't do it, I come to your blog and know that I can. Keep up the great work!!!

    Have a wonderful, restful weekend! I hear ya' on the pics. I just didn't even have it in me to take them today, so I think I'll do that throughout the week as well.

    Dee :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your week. Don't worry, your entry wasn't too long - you had a lot to cover! Love the coffee theme!

  3. Ooops, Dee, that's suppose to read two paragraph. LOL. I better go fix that. Wish it was a two pager ;)

  4. I need to look into that Essay writing book. It sounds interesting.

  5. Well, two paragraphs and all the other writing he's doing is still pretty good. :) :) :)

    ps I looked over everyone else's weeks in review and I definitely have to learn to condense mine. Yikes...

  6. Dee, I like your reviews and your children are going to, as well, when they are older and reading your blog ten years from now. It's memories =)

  7. My ds did ILL last year -- I loved all the poems, but didn't have him memorize them either.
    Lee (5wolfcubs)


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