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Week 3

Week 3. Sept. 20th to 24th 2010

Annette's allergies were acting up this week. I think there is too much dust in her room. We have a fan blowing cool air because she doesn't have an air conditioner in the room. Out here in the semi-country there is a lot of dust. We need to find her air purifier, but it's packed somewhere in our little storage. She still managed to complete all her work.

Joshua, is moving along. I would like him to be further along in math but he can't be rushed. In grammar he is learning about abstract & concrete, compound, collective and gender nouns. Saxon Grammar is working well for him. I like all the review. Sometimes I still have to go over the lesson with him, but that's what I'm here for and I enjoy teaching him (most the time)

Caleb and Brent; I'm still combining these two. Brent, is still struggling with 4th grade math, but he's hanging in there. I may try something new with him, still not sure. 
We didn't complete a whole week of Phonics Road, so we may play catch-up on Saturday. I dictated all the sentences but we didn't do all the reading. I have been REALLY tired this week (due to me trying to keep up with my 90 Day Bible challenge) so I'm almost falling asleep as they read the Little House book. You know how it is, when they are not fluent yet, and having to sound out the words.

Ethan, well, I'm having so much fun teaching him. Especially teaching him how to read. With my four older children I'm sad to say, it's been so hard that I'm more stressed then enjoying the whole phonics stage. With Ethan, it's so different. I believe it's the program we are using. Saxon Phonics is so simple to teach. It has everything laid out for me. I only have to get the worksheets and gather the cards for that day. Briefly read over the lesson and read it to him. I don't read it word for word anymore unless it's a day that I didn't preread the lesson. I also think I see a beginning and an end with this program. Anyway, it's a really neat feeling.

Lance School, is coming along slowly. He completed three lessons of McRuffy Math and two lessons of McRuffy Phonics. I'm thinking, maybe I should start with him. My poor guy, gets pushed to the back.

If you would like to see pictures of our week, please scroll down. I blog almost everyday and try to include pictures.


  1. Isn't it a great feeling when you have or find just the right program! From the pics, he seems to be loving it as well. :)

  2. A daily blogger! Awesome. I'll add you to my Google Reader.

    It sounds like you had a great week. My daughter's allergies are really acting up right now also (she's having to use her steroid inhaler). I think it is the autumn pollen.

  3. Thanks for that info on phonics! I appreciate it, I think I am going to order that info! Sorry to hear you have some allergies over there also!


  4. "and I enjoy teaching him (most the time)"
    LOL, I had a couple of days like that this week!

  5. sorry to hear about your little ones allergies!! It's such a bummer when kids have allergies because they just aren't fun. :( Glad you are enjoying teaching Ethan to read. That is so neat!! If you were ever to teach in school what grade would appeal to you most?

  6. Those moments teaching little ones how to read are so precious - thanks for sharing yours with us.

  7. My favorite thing is teaching the kids to read. I'm on my last little guy... he's just graduated to Frog and Toad. It goes fast doesn't it? I enjoyed reading about your week!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your week.

    My son's allergies are also bad right now. He has a fan in his window, and I was just thinking I really need to get an air purifier. Hopefully that will help.


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