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Counting My Blessings Days 5 and 6

I fell a little behind with counting my blessing. There are actually so many blessing that I'm not sure how to fit them all in.

Counting My Blessings Day 5 and 6.

Day 5-I am so thankful for my washing machine and dryer. I don't have to scrub our cloths by hand.

Day 6-I am also so very thankful for running water. What a blessing it is to go to the kitchen sink and turn a knob, out comes clean water for my family to drink. Yes, we drink tap water. I wash out the water bottles and reuse them by filling them with sink water.

My children and I often talk about all the little blessing that we have. If you really think about it, they are huge blessing. Imagine life without running water or electricity. One of our little projects we plan on doing soon {got the idea from Passport to India} is to go a few hours without electricity and use candles. Eat a simple meal of rice and wash an outfit by hand. I know to the children it will most likely be fun but it will bring some good discussions.

Thank you Jesus, for clean water and my washer to clean my clothes.

Dressing Up

Friday, I took the children to the downtown area a few blocks from our house. It's the old part of town with nice little shops. They were having a festival and the kiddos could go from shop to shop and collect candy. Here are the children dressed and ready to go.

Josh, an army guy.
 Annette, a cute little cowgirl.
 Caleb, an army guy as well.
 Brent, a race car driver.
 Ethan, Batman.
 Lance, my little ghost.
My children don't go trick-or-treating, but we do participate at our churches Harvest Fest. Most years, the children go to Lupe's work and go to cubical-to-cubical and collect candy.


Ethan, is so photogenic. I love taking pictures of him and he loves me taking them of him.
Here, he is being silly.

 I love the way he laughs.
 Ethan, with his little cousin.
 Taking a nap outside.

New Little Student

I have a new little student, my niece Jackie. She is four years old and is a bundle of energy.

I don't have the money to purchase another set of McRuffy K workbooks, so I started using an online resource to print out the letters of the alphabet for her and Lance.

Today, I printed out some flashcards from ABC Teach, that her mom can use to practice the sounds at home {they live right behind us}.

Here are the Alphabet worksheets I've been using with both. Once you click on a letter there are other sheets that can be printed out as well.

Have fun!

Not Motivated

I must confess that I've been unmotivated this year with school. I enjoy homeschooling and have no desire to send the children to public school at all. I love having my children home. Can't imagine what I'd do with myself if they were in public school.
With the planning and correcting of papers department, I'm in some slump. I use to love planning our weeks out. This homeschool year it's been not fun for some odd reason.
I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, because I don't mean too. I'm wondering why. I'm so embarrassed to write this but I think one of the reasons why are my crates. Yup! All that filing and I think it may be backfiring on me. Today I mentioned this to Annette, and she's so cute. She said,  "At least now you know it doesn't work, for next time." I'm not so sure it's the filing but all the crates. I have them stacked, and to get to Ethan and Lance's stuff, I have to first take off the to small filing things on the top and put it on my already messy table, then take the two heavy middle crates off to get to the bottom crate.
Then to file papers away, well, lets just say I look at my crates and think "Yikes". So many times my papers are not filed away and end up on the top of my file box.

I do have a solution. Get rid of the filing crates and use a big file cabinet, this way I can just open the drawer instead of moving a ton of stuff! The only problem is my file box is outside and has been through two storms already and it's brown. I asked my Sweets if he can please move it inside and paint it pink! He said, he can move in inside but is not sure about it being pink. I mentioned that it would look so much nicer in the kitchen if it was pink. So, we'll see what happens.

Day 44/Week 8

Week 8. October 25th-29th 2010

This week my MIL was in town {she left yesterday} so, we didn't get as much school done, but still enough to call it a week.

I had Joshua, complete math and grammar. He didn't complete any Saxon Grammar but used Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
Joshua, is half way done with Spectrum Math Grade 3. For those who don't read my blog regularly, I'm having Joshua, work through Spectrum Math books grades 3-6. Instead of trying to play 'catch' up with a whole curriculum, I decided to have him start at the beginning. He does an hour of math a day.

Annette, same as Josh, except her math is Horizons and she's working on the Purple book with Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Caleb and Brent; eeks. They haven't done any Phonics Road {spelling/reading} this week but they have continued with Victory Drill and Let's Read. Hopefully we'll get on track with Phonics Road again. Next week my sister and her family will be here from GA, so we can start back with the Phonics Road after that.

Ethan, has completed three lessons of Saxon Math, one lesson of Learning Language Arts Through Literature and a page of penmanship. Again, in a few weeks we'll start his phonics lesson again.
 Ethan, completing a penmanship page.

Lance, has continued with Saxon Math and today will complete a McRuffy math lesson. I started his McRuffy math lesson this morning, but I caught him in a bad mood and was unable to finish. I don't like when that happens because then I have to come back to him and complete it.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Here is a link for lots of worksheets http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/1st-comprehension.html

I was searching for some practice worksheets for my kiddos and found the above site.

Picture of Dad

Lance, drew a nice picture of his dad {my Sweets}
Lance, said it's dad chewing food. On the left you see that extended cheek, that's the food in his cheek.

Bible Character Night {AWANA}

Yesterday, was Bible Character Night at AWANA.

Lance, is one of God's creations. A Ladybug.
 Annette, is Queen Ester.
 Joshua, is Joshua.
 Ethan, is King David.

Caleb and Brent didn't want to dress up, but at the last minute they decided too. I wasn't able to get any pictures of them. Caleb, dressed as Moses, using my sis-in-law's blue bath robe, a head covering we had and a nice stick for a staff.
Brent, went as Goliath. My sis-in-law had a Jack Sparrow wig, a mean looking battle ball {one of those things they would sling. A stick with a string and ball}
It was fun. They all got five AWANA bucks for participating.


Lance, April 2006.

Josh, Feb. 3, 2006. 8yrs. old.

I found an old Rod and Staff assignment of Joshua's.

Day 40

Brent and I did school outside. The weather was perfect. No wind, just a nice breeze. He completed a Saxon Math lesson, read words from the Victory Drill and Let's Read.
 Here is a close-up page of Let's Read.
 This week Lance, is learning the sound of 'b'. He made a b-b-baker hat, colored and practiced writing the letter 'B'. This time we used noodles to glue on our letter of the week.
 Jackie, joined us for school today. She is 4yr. old.
Jackie and Lance are buddies. They love to play together.

Because my MIL is still in town the older children are only completing Math and Grammar/Phonics. As I type Josh, Annette and Caleb are with their Grandma Estela and Aunt Veronica. They took their school work with them.

Counting My Blessings Day 4

Counting My Blessings Day 4

I am thankful for my Mother-in-law, Estela. She raised a wonderful son whom I love very much! She cares for my children. The kids love spending time with their grandma. When she visits, they all look forward to their trip to Hobby Lobby.

A few days ago she took them to McDonald's for an ice cream cone. My poor kids rarely get a McDonald's treat, I'm glad grandma takes them.

My MIL a month ago, called me and thanked me for homeschooling her grand-kids. She's very encouraging and often tells me what a wonderful job I'm doing with raising the children.
My husband loves to see his mother and I walking and talking, like tonight at Half Price Books. He thinks we're cute!
I love that my MIL does not spoil the children with toys and stuff but with her time. I appreciate that she takes them out when she visits from California. She does spoil them in her own way {like an ice cream}. She talks the kids about the Lord. She prays for them.
Thank you Lord, for a Mom-in-law who likes me ;) and loves the children.

Counting My Blessings Day 3

Counting My Blessings Day 3

My husband is a huge blessing to me. He loves the Lord, cares for me, takes care of the children and he loves to be home with us.
He doesn't mind if its been one of those days and he comes home to an Oatmeal dinner. He helps with the house cleaning and can make some pretty good waffles on Sunday night.
I have learned much from my husband. He's patient, kind, humble, everything I ever wanted in a husband and more.
For Mother's Day he always buys flowers for my mother who is with Jesus. He purchases them at Costco and makes pretty arrangements.

He tells me my mother would be proud of the wife and mom I am today. He thanks me for loving our children and schooling them.

We have been married for almost 14yrs. now and every year gets better and better.
Our first year of marriage wasn't one of those 'hard' years that everyone kept telling me about. I think one of the reasons why, is because we didn't expect each other to complete us {did that make sense?}. We weren't expecting each others love to make us happy {Only God can fill a void that so many newlyweds expect the spouse to fill} We went into this marriage understanding that not every day would be a 'cloud' 9 day.
Anyway, I love my Sweets and am so very thankful for him.
Thank you Lord for my hubby.

S/O of Counting My Blessings Day 2 (Long)

As a spin-off from yesterdays {actually todays, I just wrote it so late it} "Count Your Blessings" Day 2 post.........today, is my more in detail post. I was too tired to write about it at 12:00 a.m. and today has been so busy.

My MIL took us to Hobby Lobby and next door is Mardel. Mardel is a huge Christian book store that sells homeschool curriculum. I didn't purchase any curriculum but it was sooooooooooooo fun looking! I did purchase some more of a certain unifix cubes that I couldn't find anywhere on the 'net'. My kids like building with these certain ones. They like to make 'transformers'.

Okay, now to my spin-of post.

Yesterday we had Brent's birthday party and of course my Sweets wanted to celebrate my birthday as well. On my actual birthday my hubby was in California attending one of his college buddies wedding. Back in the days when they all went to the Masters College
Here is a picture of my cake I baked.

 Here is a close-up. You never know when I may want to use this as a back-ground for a scrapbooking page! I take close-ups just in case {not that I'm scrapbooking right now}
The birthday boy!

 His monster cake.
 And army tank cake.
Brent decorated both his cakes. I helped some with the army tank cake.

The gang.

 I don't know what I did to my camera but it was being really sensitive. Every move was coming out blurry. I'm not too happy that I didn't get a good picture of Brent, blowing out his candles.

After everyone was stuffed with cake {no ice cream; we forgot the ice cream} it was present time! Brent, was so excited. It's rare that he has cousins, aunt & uncle and his Grandma Estela at his birthday party!
My son is a real gentleman! He insisted that his mama, open her gifts first. I thought that was really sweet of him.
I didn't realize I had gifts! Please excuse all the pictures of myself. I normally don't post many of them, but since it was my birthday and this blog is my virtual photo book for my family I thought it would be okay to add them =)
Ethan, decorated an envelope and drew some nice pictures. Annette's pretty wrapping.
Close-up of the envelope.

Close-up of one of the pictures. A Batman. I think it's a picture of him dressed as Batman.

 Annette, made me a very pretty card. Her Grandma Estela took her to Hobby Lobby, the day before and Annette, purchased some nice paper.
A better shot of the card {without my hand}

The front of the card. A McDonald's gift card was included {so I can buy some Mocha's}

 My Sweets, got me what I have been wanting (no, not the Wii fit) the other thing I have been wanting. Cozy Pj's.
 Caleb's gift to me.
A few weeks ago, Caleb, asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I said, a pair of Mud Gloves. I have been wanting a pair for almost a year now, but didn't want to pay the $8.95. I was happy to find a pink pair of Mud Gloves in the bag.
They look a little creepy. Now I can pull weeds and not worry about the bugs! Yay!!!
 My sis and brother-in-law spoiled me with Starbucks goodies. I'm drinking a cup of java as I type.
My MIL gave me my favorite hot chocolate drink mix from Coffee Bean {all the way from CA}

We are picture, memory making people, so of course I have one last photo of my gifts. hee, hee.

Now on with Brent's gift.
{My Sweets, needs to pay the bills, so I'll be back to finish writing about the pictures below}
I'm back for a moment. Hubby, is still looking for all the bills.
Below, Brent, opening his gifts.
His Auntie and Unlce gave him a camping spork/knife thingy. Not sure what you call them, but it has a can opener, knife, spoon and fork.
The hat he is wearing if from his Uncle Chris, who's in the service (Thank you Uncle Chris)
His, Auntie noticed that he likes to draw and write. He sits at his desk with his lamp.
She got him some color pencils.

And a notebook, so he can write about his days.

Grandma Estela and Brent.
Lupe and I got him some little toys that are similar to Play Mobiles {shhh, but a little less expensive}
My mom-in-law and me.
Us looking at the pretty box that all the Starbucks goodies were in.
My MIL was  very impressed with the gift wrapping. I have a hard time spending money on wrapping paper. Through the years my children have become very creative with wrapping gifts. We use newspaper, plain paper and decorate it, decorated paper bags and sometimes a piece of cloth.
As long as we have markers, stickers, crayons and tape!

Of course my son being all boy, putting those little gluey things on his face, as if they are snots! Gross!!!