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Accountable Kids

I purchased Accountable Kids a little over a month ago. This year I added my 6th child to our homeschool and I wanted something that would really help me keep the children accountable for their chores. They are great with doing chores when I ask, but forget to do their basic chores (like comb their hair).

Accountable Kids is pretty neat! Each child get a Progress Board to hold their cards.
I also purchased the handy dandy 'mini' board that holds the extra tickets and bucks.

Each kit comes with a set of tickets and bucks. Responsibility Reminder Cards remind the child to do their chores. In the morning they have a set of cards to complete. For instance make your bed, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, pick up toys. Once the child completes each chore he/she earns a ticket. The morning chore cards are transferred to the second peg. The child repeats this process with Day and Evening chores. At the end of the day, if all chores are completed the child will have earned three tickets and may put a star on their Special Date Card.
The tickets they earn can be used for privileges. One ticket will earn:
  • On Saturday 10 minutes of computer time.
  • play with Playmobiles or any other out-of-reach toy
  • spend the night at Auntie's house
  • play outside (this is an all day pass)
I know the playing outside one sounds crazy but it motivates them to get those morning chores done.

Special Date Card can be used once the child earns 10 stars. They don't have to be in a row.

The ticket on the left are the tickets that the child earns. The middle ticket is a Best Behaviour Card, on the right the children can earn Bucks and on top is the Privilege Pass.

Best Behaviour Cards are kind of like "I caught you being good". Children can use the Best Behavior Cards as a ticket. My son on trash day took a neighbor's empty trash cans back to her driveway. The neighbor uses a wheelchair and a walker. She lives alone, so when he did this I gave him a BBC. If I see a child walk away from an argument, I'll hand them a BBC.

Special Privilege Card can be used to help a child eliminate a negative behaviour. With Ethan, we have a problem of him getting out of bed. He can earn a Special Privilege card by staying in bed. Annette, needs to improve completing her days school work. If she can complete her work daily for five days she will earn a Special Privilege Card. I believe AK recommends earning the card on the same day. So, with Annette, once she completed all her schoolwork she should receive a card, but this is where I tweaked AK. I want it to become a habit and normally a habit takes 30 days, this is why at our house the Privilege Card is not handed out the same day. Same with Ethan, if he can stay in be for three days in a row, he earns the Privilege Card.

Bonus Bucks are what the children really like. Extra chores earns a buck. The value of a buck at our house depends on the age of the child. For Joshua a buck earns a $1.00, for Lance our 6yr. old a buck earns $0.25, Caleb and Brent .50 and Annette .75. Some chores I'll pay more for. If Caleb, cleaned the whole living room, I'll pay him two bucks.

Every Saturday or Sunday we have a family meeting. This is a time where we not only talk about AK but other family things as well. We open with a word of prayer, see how we are doing with AK, talk about character traits, trade the Bonus Bucks in for real money and anything else that needs to be addressed.

Accountable Kids does take parent involvement, like anything else it takes time. Accountable Kids is not a fix-it with your children's behaviour. It can help to get you back on track but I believe that teaching children God's Word is the real ticket! Teaching them to be like Jesus and starting early (as soon as you see the 'me, me, me' coming out)

Here is Ethan, a happy Accountable Kid!

 He was getting creative with his cards.

Accountable Kids is keeping me accountable with my kid's chores and with having a family meeting. I am not constantly after the children to complete their chores and this helps our homeschool day run more smoothly.
We give AK a five star.


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  1. What an awesome way to motivate and encourage the kids to be faithful in their chores. I would have loved that as a kid!