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I'm having fun camping with my boys (Annette's camping too, but she is sleeping). Joshua and I just finished warming water in a water bottle. It was an eco-friendly one too and surprisingly it didn't melt. Josh, is enjoying hot tea.

Brent, got his little fire going again. It's fun watching them bring an almost burned out fire back to a roaring fire.

Earlier the kids eating some Baked Beans from a can. We heated them over the fire.

 Annette, wearing her Friday shirt on Friday! Her hands have marshmallow stickiness.
 Brent's camp. He needs to clean it up a bit. He had fun making his shelter.
 Brent's camp later that evening.
 Caleb and Annette's campsite.
 I started Joshua's fire using flint. I was having way too much fun to let them have a try. For the rest of the night we would use embers to transfer the fire or rekindle one. I think I had just as much fun 'playing' with fire as my children did. Just so you all know, only the four oldest are allowed to start a fire in a pit. They are not allowed to start one without mom or dad knowing and they do know about fire. We have had our safety class, Joshua, reads survival books and we watch Man, Woman, Wild as well as a few other shows ;)
 One of the children, I'm guessing Annette, took this picture of Grandpa Joe, joining them in the morning. My dad works graveyard shift. Joshua, made him a cup of instant coffee. I was asleep in my own bed.

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