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Counting My Blessings Day 3

Counting My Blessings Day 3

My husband is a huge blessing to me. He loves the Lord, cares for me, takes care of the children and he loves to be home with us.
He doesn't mind if its been one of those days and he comes home to an Oatmeal dinner. He helps with the house cleaning and can make some pretty good waffles on Sunday night.
I have learned much from my husband. He's patient, kind, humble, everything I ever wanted in a husband and more.
For Mother's Day he always buys flowers for my mother who is with Jesus. He purchases them at Costco and makes pretty arrangements.

He tells me my mother would be proud of the wife and mom I am today. He thanks me for loving our children and schooling them.

We have been married for almost 14yrs. now and every year gets better and better.
Our first year of marriage wasn't one of those 'hard' years that everyone kept telling me about. I think one of the reasons why, is because we didn't expect each other to complete us {did that make sense?}. We weren't expecting each others love to make us happy {Only God can fill a void that so many newlyweds expect the spouse to fill} We went into this marriage understanding that not every day would be a 'cloud' 9 day.
Anyway, I love my Sweets and am so very thankful for him.
Thank you Lord for my hubby.


  1. The love and devotion of a husband and wife! Matches made from heaven and the unity of His blessings abound.

  2. I enjoyed looking around your blog. You can see the love you have for your family.

    Thanks for sharing the "Remembering Mom" too. My Mom passed away four years ago and will remember her on my blog some day soon too.

  3. I think that it is so awesome that you went into marriage knowing things that it takes some several years to understand! (the completing each other part)

  4. Yes, the first year is always a good one or one with many trials...what a blessing that yours was focus on Him.


  5. Yes, Husbands are such a blessing. How sweet.


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