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Counting My Blessings Days 5 and 6

I fell a little behind with counting my blessing. There are actually so many blessing that I'm not sure how to fit them all in.

Counting My Blessings Day 5 and 6.

Day 5-I am so thankful for my washing machine and dryer. I don't have to scrub our cloths by hand.

Day 6-I am also so very thankful for running water. What a blessing it is to go to the kitchen sink and turn a knob, out comes clean water for my family to drink. Yes, we drink tap water. I wash out the water bottles and reuse them by filling them with sink water.

My children and I often talk about all the little blessing that we have. If you really think about it, they are huge blessing. Imagine life without running water or electricity. One of our little projects we plan on doing soon {got the idea from Passport to India} is to go a few hours without electricity and use candles. Eat a simple meal of rice and wash an outfit by hand. I know to the children it will most likely be fun but it will bring some good discussions.

Thank you Jesus, for clean water and my washer to clean my clothes.


  1. I used to live this way...it is not so bad. In fact, now, I don't have a dryer and we still use candles :)


  2. Hi Linda,

    You are not alone! I am thankful for these things too. Especially this week as I've been struggling with a sore back and legs. All of the warm soaks in the tub have found me thinking of what it would be like to not enjoy the blessing of these things. Thankfully I can.

    Your picture looks super familiar... did you ever blog at Homeschoolblogger? I used to blog there years ago.


  3. Linda, I am so thankful for those too yet it's something else I take forgranted and I am sure my precious girls do too. I like your idea and may borrow it myself. We've had power outages before and my girls have experienced that.....but to do that as a planned thing and journal what it feels like and how we felt through that and imagining others living that way would be something special for us to do also.
    Smiles, Cass

  4. Amen to the WASHING MACHINE!!!

  5. This is SO true!!

  6. I'm missing your posts! I hope that all is okay. I'm having a cup of Starbucks coffee this morning and had you on my heart.


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