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Day 26

It's been a busy day, with me trying to fit everyone in. We didn't start school until 9:30 a.m.  I started with Ethan. Yesterday we read the fable about the ant and the grasshopper. Today we colored the pictures and compared the ants with the grasshopper.

 Once done we were looking at the pictures and I said, "Maybe a human will come by and step on him and put him out of his misery." My kind little man said, "Maybe, someone will catch the grasshopper, put him in a jar and feed him." I had to laugh because that sounded a lot nicer than what I had said.
 Here Ethan, is practicing when to use the /k/ sound. I am learning why and when to use 'k'. I know how to spell milk but now I know that we use a final 'k' after a consonant or vowel digraph.
 Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics lesson 36. It was a difficult lesson for Ethan. All those 'k' sounds can get confusing to a little guy, but we got through it. I didn't time our lesson but it seemed like it took at least 40 minutes to get through today. Although that includes some interruptions and a potty break.

Today my Sweets dropped by while I was teaching a Phonics Road lesson. He thought I looked cute and snapped a picture!
I still need to do a math lesson with Lance. Speaking of Lance, I jotted down what he said on Sunday. "He makes me get freezing." I forgot why he said that but if I didn't jot it down it would be forgotten completely.

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