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Day 27

I have so much fun teaching my children at home. Yes, somedays are stressful and then there are the days when a homeschooling mama thinks "am I doing enough" but today here at Homeschooling6 it was fun day {gees, what a run-on sentence! eeks!}
This picture of Josh is a bit blurry, but I love the shot of him working hard. It's 'real'.
Once he saw the flash, he looked up at me and smiled.
Annette, on the computer learning about birds. You can click HERE for the website. One of her lessons in Intermediate Language Lessons was on birds. There were two birds we weren't sure about so we looked them up. One was the Oriole but I can't recall the other.
Brent, working with pattern blocks. His Saxon Math 3 lesson has him making puzzles up to $20.00. For example the hexagon=$6.00.
 See how much fun we have?
Annette, working hard, completeing a math lesson.
 Close-up of her math. She still makes her fives backwards.
{click to enlarg-it hasn't been corrected yet}
Yes, mom I'll take a picture showing how much fun we have at Homeschooling6.
 I said,  "Can you please smile." and he smiled.
Below is the 'Meeting' book that we start first using Saxon Math 1. I put the unifix or linking cubes in a McDonald cup because I think it looks so nice!
Learning left from right, part of our Saxon Math lesson. I was asking him to point to his right/left ear, hold up your right/left thumb, look to your right/left. It was fun and you can see that Lance, enjoyed it too!
 Making 'towers' and matching numbers.
 His worksheet. The green 8 at the top of his page, he made all by himself. The red 8's below he said, came out fat. He really tried to make them again, but had a hard time. The squiggly orange 3 is what he made. The one next to it, I made. The 2's & 5's on the middle of the page; top ones are his and bottom ones are mine.
Caleb and I had lots of fun subtracting money. I had some light bulb moments myself with this lesson. It's so weird because I know how to subtract but by using all the place values, decimals, using the words whole and part-of, it's just helped me to see math in a whole new light. Before I was only subtracting money, going through the motions. Now, and this is going to sound dorky, but I see the place value of each coin.
 Here is my chalkboard and as you can see, while demonstrating I renamed $6.00-2.90 then realized I goofed. As we did the problems together I would point to the 'pennies' on both problems and say, "Can we take 9 pennies from 10 pennies?" Then go to the next value and ask, "Can we take 7 dimes from 9 dimes?" and so forth. I think it really helped him 'see' the place value of the coins and dollars as well.
I give Bob Jones Math a thumbs up. I'm going to use what I learn with Bob Jones Math with the other children as well. I plan to have the four older children sit in on a demonstration together and we can get the mats out, use money and have me naming the coins as we subtract.

That's day 27

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  1. Linda, I get so happy when you post about BJU math because that is the same exact level that I'm planning on purchasing next year, so please keep posting on your progress with it.

    You guys look like you have so much fun! The kids are going to have the best memories of homeschooling!!! You're one great and fun mama! Can I come over?

    Dee ;)

    ps I love all the pics!


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