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Day 28

This morning was one of those hustle and bustle sort of days. Lupe, had some morning meeting he had to get to that were not work related, so he was home a bit longer this morning. I was helping him get things organized. My dad came for his morning coffee. I didn't get in the shower until past 9:00. Since everything was in an up-roar, I let the kiddos watch PBS while I showered. Thankfully we did manage to get most of our school done. I say most because as long as the children get Math and Grammar done on these unusual days, we call it good!

We started are day off with making cards for Grandma Tanny. She lives in CA.

Lance, made a yellow man riding a horse, blue monster, at the bottom a blue car, the green drawing was suppose to be a heart but he said they didn't look like hearts so he added legs and now they are monsters. He didn't like a picture that he drew so we covered it with picture taken of his math page.
 Joshua, drew stamps, railroad tracks. On the right third one down is a campfire. Not sure what the ones above it are.
 Annette's was lovey-dovey. Lots of hearts and flowers. She wrote "I love and miss you, hope to See you soon." on the top.
 Brent, on top drew a giant Caterpillar that's chasing him.
 Ethan, wrote Grandma on top and made lots of hearts.
 Caleb, drew Knights.
Josh, heated up some Corn dogs for us today. As I was passing Ethan, I noticed how he put all the mustard on his Corn dog. I thought that was pretty smart and snapped a picture!
 Of course I couldn't resist him biting into it. He looks so cute!
 Thought I might as well take one of Lance too!

 I know, going overboard with my Lance, pictures. I was trying to get a certain shot but would miss it by a hair of a second.
Josh, actually wanted in on the action and let me take a picture of him. I don't pass those rare moments up.
 Caleb, eats all the bread off first. Interesting!
 Brent, made himself a 'snack' tray.
 Joshua, thought I looked cute teaching, using my new whiteboard. My dad surprised me with it this morning. What a sweet dad I have. He thinks it's wonderful that I  homeschool. My dad had a hard time in school keeping up and the teachers made him feel dumb, so he eventually dropped out.

During our Writing With Ease lesson, Annette, decided to write her dictation with her left hand. That stinker. She had to rewrite it, Josh and I had to wait for her. Once the lesson was over though, Josh and I tried our hand at it. Mine is below. 
I didn't post much in the way of academics but thought it would be fun to see what we do in-between our lessons.

I still need to have a math session with Brent, Lance and Ethan.

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  1. Those cards are adorable!! Love all the cute pics of the kids eating corndogs...truthfully I want one now:). I love them with ketchup! Yum. And yeah for a picture with mom in it:). We never get in our pics enough! hehe


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