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Day 37/Week 7

Week 7. October 18th-22nd, 2010
This week has been a light week. Joshua and Annette, did three lessons of Saxon Grammar, so that got done this week. They both did a lesson a day with math.

Brent, completed three lessons of Saxon Math and did a few lessons of the Victory Drill/Let's Read and one lesson of Phonics Road.

Caleb, the same as Brent, except his math was Bob Jones 4.

Ethan, completed two lessons of Saxon Phonics but I did spread them out to last the week. They were some tough lessons. Eeeks! He also did about four lessons of Saxon Math and two lessons of Learning Language Arts Through Literature. LLATL is fun. We read Ferdinand the Bull and listened to it on cd a few times.

Lance, didn't get too much school in. He did one lesson of Saxon Math. We did get some fun schooling in today.
My little guy, still doesn't know the sound for 'a' and 'b'. I'm sure some of it has to be his teacher (mom) not being consistent with his phonics. Today, my mother-in-law took the five older children to Hobby Lobby and it was just me and Lance, well, my niece was here too, so I decided to have school.
I printed off some 'A' worksheets at First-School. We traced the letter 'a', did a craft and made a little book. Next week I'll print the letter 'b'.
Below is what my niece and Lance did. Lance's is the one on the right.
 Close-up of Lance's work.
 He colored the /a/. I'll have him finish the little book this weekend, so next week we can work on 'B'
 He worked with some Mighty Mind puzzles.

 Art! The top is a train with tracks, under is a rainbow, below the rainbow is water and an American Ship, below that is a flower, turtle and a house all sitting on grass.
 My mother-in-law gave the easel to the children. My uncle works at a recycling place and over a dozen of them were being thrown out. My MIL was kind enough to get one for us. You'd be amazed at what is thrown out. I still have some serving spoons that again, my MIL gave to me, from the junk yard.

Below, Ethan, came home from Hobby Lobby/Big Lots with a handkerchief. Next to him is some KFC. Right now their is a special going on. 25 cents a hot wing. My MIL brought home 50 Hot Wings. Yum! I made some biscuits and my Sis-in-law made some mash potatoes. It was a feast, as the kiddos would say.
My MIL will be in town through Thursday. So, next week will be another 'light' week. Then Nov. 1st my sister and her family will be here, so.........another light week. My sister Cynthia homeschooles her two children. I told her that I'm going to have my kiddos at least do math and grammar/phonics, so she's going to bring some math for her kiddos too.

Well that was our 37th day and Week 7.


  1. Linda, it still looks like you got lots done! I love the pics, especially the one with the handkerchief...so cute! Lance looks so cute concentrating on his school work, like a big boy...:) Love the board! Gotta love those great deals and finds! I'm on the hunt for a computer chair because mine broke. I think I'm going to GoodWill tomorrow.

  2. Oh and your sis is coming in November...Oh what a blessing, Linda, and she homeschools, too! You are so blessed! If my sis was coming in November, I think I'd take the whole month of November off. I'm thinking of taking two weeks off as it is.

  3. Math and LA were accomplished, so pish-posh for the rest!

  4. My mom read me Ferdinand when I was a girl. :) Glad you got some focused phonics time with Lance & your niece!


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