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Day 40

Brent and I did school outside. The weather was perfect. No wind, just a nice breeze. He completed a Saxon Math lesson, read words from the Victory Drill and Let's Read.
 Here is a close-up page of Let's Read.
 This week Lance, is learning the sound of 'b'. He made a b-b-baker hat, colored and practiced writing the letter 'B'. This time we used noodles to glue on our letter of the week.
 Jackie, joined us for school today. She is 4yr. old.
Jackie and Lance are buddies. They love to play together.

Because my MIL is still in town the older children are only completing Math and Grammar/Phonics. As I type Josh, Annette and Caleb are with their Grandma Estela and Aunt Veronica. They took their school work with them.

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