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Day 44/Week 8

Week 8. October 25th-29th 2010

This week my MIL was in town {she left yesterday} so, we didn't get as much school done, but still enough to call it a week.

I had Joshua, complete math and grammar. He didn't complete any Saxon Grammar but used Learning Language Arts Through Literature.
Joshua, is half way done with Spectrum Math Grade 3. For those who don't read my blog regularly, I'm having Joshua, work through Spectrum Math books grades 3-6. Instead of trying to play 'catch' up with a whole curriculum, I decided to have him start at the beginning. He does an hour of math a day.

Annette, same as Josh, except her math is Horizons and she's working on the Purple book with Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Caleb and Brent; eeks. They haven't done any Phonics Road {spelling/reading} this week but they have continued with Victory Drill and Let's Read. Hopefully we'll get on track with Phonics Road again. Next week my sister and her family will be here from GA, so we can start back with the Phonics Road after that.

Ethan, has completed three lessons of Saxon Math, one lesson of Learning Language Arts Through Literature and a page of penmanship. Again, in a few weeks we'll start his phonics lesson again.
 Ethan, completing a penmanship page.

Lance, has continued with Saxon Math and today will complete a McRuffy math lesson. I started his McRuffy math lesson this morning, but I caught him in a bad mood and was unable to finish. I don't like when that happens because then I have to come back to him and complete it.


  1. That's a lot of work done with visitors...I just cancel school! Woo hoo for you!


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