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Did the Kids Learn Anything Today???

Posted on Apr. 15, 2005 at 2:23 PM

Today we didn't do too much schooling. We did do History and watched a
science video. We also read a missionary story. It was called, A Modern
Day Elijah. They learned how two American Evangelist (Bob Pierce and
Bob Findley) along with Christian Koreans where trying to find a place
to pray. They needed a place big enough to hold thousands of people.
Some already new the Lord but many did not. It was the rainy season in
Korea, making it even harder to find a place. There was not a building
big enough for so many people to fit in. They decided to hold their
prayer meeting at a railroad station. The problem was the rain. Once it
started raining it would rain for days. They new that people who where
not saved would not come and stand in the rain.

They prayed. They asked God to hold back the rain. Mr Pierce and Mr
Findley decided to announce that they would have the meeting and God
will stop the rain. The Korean people wondered if their God could do
such a miracle. Well, God did hold back the rain. In fact the people
(Koreans) where getting worried because they needed the rain for their
rice crops. They decided to ask the missionaries to ask God to bring
rain for their crops. The missionaries told them that when the 5 days
of their meeting where over they would ask God to bring back the rains.
Many people where saved that week. God in his wisdom, made it possible
for the people in Inchon to hear the message of hope that week. For
they where living on the brink of death! Just a few days later
communist from North Korea swept into the city in a bloody surprise
attack. When the communist came thousand of people were murdered. The
city Inchon soon lay in ruins. For many in that city, that week was the
last to hear the Gospel.

The kids have also met a young African boy who changed his name from
Tisese, meaning The animal which runs through the forest to, Dust Pan,
because he wanted to be a dust pan for Jesus. Carry out the dirt of
their lives and tell about Jesus.

We have also read about Glady's Aylward, Ralph Palmer: The Man with
the Gospel Papers. David Bontrager and how the flowers saved his life.
Ida Scudder the women who said she would never be a missionary in
India. They have met Amy Carmichael, who prayed to God to turn her
brown eyes blue like her mothers. God did not give Amy her request! A
blue eyed women would never have gained entrance to many of the places
in India where Amy was able to go.

So, did the kids learn anything today? A foggy day that we didn't get
much of the three R's in (reading, writing and arithmetic) Yes! They
learned how God could stop the rain so people who need to hear the
Gospel can have Jesus enter their hearts. They learned how this world
does not revolve around them. They see the there is a bigger world out
there. Not everyone is free to read the Bible like we are. Just the
other day Caleb prayed for the people who need Bibles. Josh, noticed
that we have over a dozen Bibles, while some people have only a page.
When the kids look at our World Map they remember these places that we
have read about, they remember the tsunami victims.

Lord, my prayer is to open my children's hearts. Help them to see
you. I pray that they will grow up serving you, seeking you, reading
your word. Lord teach me how to minister to my children. Thank you Lord
for sending your son to die so we may live! We love you Lord.


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