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Dressing Up

Friday, I took the children to the downtown area a few blocks from our house. It's the old part of town with nice little shops. They were having a festival and the kiddos could go from shop to shop and collect candy. Here are the children dressed and ready to go.

Josh, an army guy.
 Annette, a cute little cowgirl.
 Caleb, an army guy as well.
 Brent, a race car driver.
 Ethan, Batman.
 Lance, my little ghost.
My children don't go trick-or-treating, but we do participate at our churches Harvest Fest. Most years, the children go to Lupe's work and go to cubical-to-cubical and collect candy.


  1. :) They all look GREAT! I bet they had so much fun too!

  2. aw, they looks so cute and so happy. :)


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