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Family Time

The kiddos and I had fun playing Hangman after supper. The whiteboard that my dad purchased is a big hit. Since we don't have a schoolroom anymore, Lupe, put it up in the kitchen.

 Lance, took a turn too! Of course he didn't spell a real word but it was fun (and I'm sure real to him).
 Earlier today, Brent and I played connect the dots. I won by a point. The whiteboard has these little gray dots. Maybe it's a graph whiteboard. We never would have thought to play Connect the Dots with it, so we think it's a neat feature.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! How neat that you found a white board with the graphing dots.

  2. I love the connect the dots game!! That makes this white board even better than the plain ones ;)

  3. Great whiteboard! Yay for dads & husbands! :)


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