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Getting Ready for Monday

I'm sitting here blogging, because I don't want to start getting our lesson plans ready for tomorrow. For some reason this year, I'm not having too much fun with getting geared up for Mondays. Last year I really enjoyed sitting down, pulling out the books, the planner and planning everyone's week. This year though, I'm not enjoying it so much. I wait until the last minute. Last week I didn't even do it and we were flip-flopping all week, so for sure I'm going to get it done (as my hubby would say).

I have already checked my email, visited Christian Book Distributors and ordered Megawords 3 for Annette, visited and commented on a few Facebook pages. Now, I have to start getting school ready.
Those crates and piles of teacher manuals are staring at me.

I may just make meself a cup of java and get started.

Guess as I put things back I should also clean my school-rack up.

Editing at 7:31 p.m. to write that I still haven't started. I made coffee for myself and took a cup up to my dad. Chatted for a few minutes then came back down to my house. I pulled out the crate, workbooks, teacher manuals and my lesson planner. Highlighted everything I wanted to remember in my Writing With Ease teacher manual.
Now, I'm going to call in the children and have our family meeting, have them get ready for bed and hopefully start my lesson planning =)

Editing again 7:45, Lupe, just called, said, he will be home soon. I'm going to wait for him, so he can join us for our family meeting (he's been busy with the apartments). Now the children are doing their nightly chores instead.
Wonder if we should take Columbus Day off.

Editing again, at 11:27 p.m. I'm done getting school lessons ready. Yay! I still need to put everything back. Boohoo.
Since we will take a week of the first week of November (my sis and her family will be visiting from GA) Lupe, said we can't take Columbus Day off. I would love to sleep in and not do school, but I think Lupe, is right. We'll also take some days off for Thanksgiving, then there's CHRISTmas and so forth.


  1. I did that too, Linda. I sat there for a while procrastinating the planning, but then spent about an hour getting it all ready and that's just for one child...I'm really pitiful! ;)

    It's a mental drain sometimes. This is why on Friday, after 3, I put away anything that looks like school to start giving my mind a mental break.

    You can do it! I didn't even remember that tomorrow is Columbus' day. Maybe you need to take a day off...You could rest and take your time planning, sort of regroup.

  2. Hi, Dee, you'll have to read my last edit, with regards to Columbus Day =) I would really like to sleep in on Monday.

  3. Hoping and praying that you are resting and slept in today!!! :)

  4. well we are off this month since we are moving, there is just NO way I would be able to be ready to move in less than a month otherwise. I was planning on doing school, but thankfully the "principle" stepped in and said we could take off. He..he..glad to know that I am not the only one where the "principle" decides wether we do school or not...


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