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Saxon Phonics 1

Ethan, completed Saxon Phonics 1 lesson 37! Today's lesson took about 40 minutes. That included some big sibling interruptions as well as a potty break.

Below is a picture of a lung and we emphasize the 'ng' sound. We always chuckle because when the 'ng' card was introduced Ethan, called it an 'air tank' another time he called it a 'sack'. He now says, "Lung, /ng/." but I had to write about the 'air tank' because we just thought it was worth remembering!

 Saxon Phonics teaches sight words. What Ethan and I do is code the words so he can sound them out. I also cross out any silent letters or add a number. For instance with the word 'two' I cross out the 'w' and put a three above the 'o' and I teach Ethan that the 'o' has three sounds; /o/, /O/, /oo/. Because Saxon Phonics is not Orton-Gillingham I'm not stressing the OG method. I want to stick with Saxon's way but, because of the sight words I will mention one of the 70 phonograms. The only ones so far that I've introduced as a sight words are 'of' and 'said'. I know 'said' is the pass tense of say and that can be a 'think to spell word' as recomended by Phonics Road;  when the time is right I'll mention that to Ethan.
 I wrote a sentence, Ethan, will tell me how to code it with prompts from me when needed.

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