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Lance School

Today, on Saturday Lance had a math lesson. I try to fit school in when I can and for Lance, that may be in the evening or a weekend.

He completed three McRuffy Math lessons. In the below picture he is learning about greater and less than. He had to make an arrow pointing to the greater number. He caught on pretty quickly. In his own words, "I knowed this, this is easy."
 When he was making an arrow he said, "I know how to make an arrow mom, you know how?" I asked him how and he replied, "From that thing from auntie." he pointed to the Leap Frog toy. It tells him where to begin and end the shape to be drawn. It really is a neat little toy. I asked my sister-in-law if I could borrow it, so Lance could practice his writing.
 Lance, has one finger on the ducks and another on the pigs. He is figuring out which is greater. He would count one pig and one duck like this, "One, one, two, two." and so forth. Then he would tell me which was greater.
 More counting.
 Working with Pattern Blocks.


  1. "I knowed this" Too Cute! I miss that with little ones. Joshua used to ask me to make him "Pankpakes." Write it down because you will forget it, oh wait, you did! ;)

    My niece used to tell me her mommy was in the "hossible." And my middle daughter used to say, "Pusghetti" Adam used to say, "Racamoni and Cheese"

    I used to write them down for fear of forgetting, but thankfully, I remember most of them. I just adore when children talk like this!

    Hey, I checked out Spectrum Writing books, and I loved what I saw! What am I to do???

  2. I so remember those wooden shapes from elementary school. Fun memories! Seeing all the stuff you work on with your kids brings back so many good memories for me:).

  3. Yes, Dee, there are too many words that I have forgotten, so I try not to be lazy or tired and write them down. Thanks for sharing what your kiddos said. Too cute!
    Oh, Dee, now I'm going to be looking at Spectrum writing. Yikes! Spectrum also has Enrichment Math books. I may get one =) Oh, no, by three get one free!!! Awwwwww................

    Same here, Casey, I see some of their workbooks and it reminds me of the good memories I had in grade school.


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