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Little of This and That

Today we were on tornado watch. It stormed for a few hours. By 5:30 p.m. we were out the door to a costume party. My Sweets was invited. One of his co-workers turned 50 years old today and every year she has a big party. Hay rides, games, lots of goodies. This was the first time we attended. The children had a good time.
My camera flash is not working, so I wasn't able to get any pictures. Joshua, was so excited to wear REAL army clothes that his Uncle Chris gave him. He looked like a real soldier. It was neat to see him so happy. Brent, went as a bull fighter, Caleb, was an army guy too, Ethan, was Batman and Lance, was a giraffe. Thankfully we didn't have to spend a penny. My Annette, didn't want to dress-up. We don't have much girl stuff. We do have a Mary (mother of Jesus) costume but she wears it every year for AWANA dress up day, that she really didn't care to wear it tonight. Maybe after holloween we can find a few girl stuff.

Yesterday, Annette, hid a treat she bought for her dad, under his pillow.
Thanks to Annette, my Sweets and I always have a chocolate treat in our nightstand. When I need a quick break from a busy school day, I'll sneak away in my bedroom and eat a cookie.
The note says, "For dad especially, and mom. I love you. I hope you like the Oreos. From your daughter Annette." She's so funny writing, "especially for dad". What am I, chopped liver? I thought that was sweet of her to get her dad's favorite {store-bought} cookies for him.

Every-so-often, I like to take pictures of my kiddos bookshelves. It tells a lot about them. The two top shelves are Joshua's. He has his stamp collection, an old match box that he purchased at our favorite coffee shop, a toy knight. On his second shelf he has his favorite books.
The third and fourth shelf is Brent's. He is kind enough to house some of our audio books. He has his canteens, bank and lots of odd and end stuff.
 The very bottom shelf in the below picture belongs to Lance. His grandma had him clean his shelf today.
 He is organizing his rocks on his shelf. I thought that was really cute.
 Here is a picture of Brent's and Joshua's desk. It's a bit cluttered today. Normally Joshua's side is much neater. Brent's is always full of his favorite stuff.
As I type, my cakes are baking in the oven. Tomorrow we will celebrate Brent's 9th birthday. I am baking a round dome shape cake for Brent. He wants to make a monster cake. Since my hubby wants to celebrate my birthday too, I went ahead and baked a white cake. I'm going to frost it with pink frosting and sprinkles. Nice and girly.

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  1. Love the pics of the shelves. I swear boys are the same everywhere. There are so many similarities among them.

    Are those Oreos? We love em! I can down a bunch of those in mere minutes...yeah, I know, and then I'm complaining about stomach issues. LOL!

    Have a beautiful Sunday in the Lord! It's so awesome that you get to celebrate your birthdays surrounded by family! God is so good!!!! Send me some cake...;0)


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